Accreditation Commission for Midwifery Education (ACME)

The Accreditation Commission for Midwifery Education has been perceived by the U.S. Department of Education as an automatic certifying organization for midwifery assistance instruction programs since 1982. Read on to know more.

Posted by Sunny Aloisius on 31st March 2018

What is the Accreditation Commission for Midwifery Education (ACME)?

The Accreditation Commission for Midwifery Education has been seen by the U.S. Division of Education as a programmed certifying organization for nurture maternity care training programs since 1982. ACME starting at now authorizes 39 programs offering attendant birthing assistance and maternity care programs.

 What are the Goals of the Accreditation Commission for Midwifery Education?

  • Help midwifery assistance instruction programs in studying the achievement of their communicated purposes and results/objectives with respect to ACME pre/accreditation criteria.

  • Cultivate the consistent advancement and change in the nature of midwifery education programs.

  • Guarantee the foundation, the instruction program, the organization and workforce, the understudies and people in general that the most astounding conceivable gauges of training and proficient skill are kept up.

  • Unite midwives in practice and in training in a movement coordinated toward enhancing instructive arrangement for midwifery practice.

  • Advance an understanding and progressing assessment of the accreditation procedure among foundation overseers, workforce, understudies, the general participation of the ACNM and people in general.

  • Give an outside companion audit process for programs that offer maternity care instruction.

  • Through the occasional survey of the criteria with its stakeholders, ACME welcomes verbal confrontation and exchange of accreditation issues.

 What is the operational structure of ACME?

ACME consists of four units:

  • Board of Commissioners (BOC) is in charge of the organization of ACME's activities, detailing of strategy, and the improvement of the criteria utilized by the BOR in deciding accreditation status.

  • Site Visitor Panel (SVP) organizes, leads, and assesses accreditation visits to midwifery education programs.

  • Board of Review (BOR) is in charge of an audit of a candidate's Preaccreditation Report or Self-Evaluation Report and the Site Visit Report (SVR), and for assurance of accreditation status.

  • Advisory Committee (AC) composed of members representing nursing, prescription, Education, general wellbeing and people in general, and additionally the quick past seat of ACME, informs in the improvement with respect to arrangement and assessment of ACME.

 What is the ASME accreditation process?

  Various archives are utilized to control the accreditation process. The most vital are:

  • The ACME Policies and Procedures Manual determine a methodology to be taken after by the program and ACME records the conceivable results of the BOR thoughts, what's more, depicts the interest procedure that is accessible.

  • The Criteria for Programmatic Preaccreditation of Midwifery Education Projects with Instructions for Elaboration and Documentation records the criteria that another program must address in a Preaccreditation Report (PAR) also, that must be met keeping in mind the end goal to get pre-accreditation status from the BOR. After the graduation of its top of the line of understudies, a pre-certify program is qualified to apply for full accreditation.

  • The Criteria for Programmatic Accreditation of Midwifery Education Programs with Instructions for Elaboration and Documentation records the criteria that a setup program must address in a Self-Evaluation Report (SER) and that must be met to get accreditation status from the BOR.

  • The program must depict how its logic is harmonious with the Philosophy of the American College.

  • The ACNM Core Competencies for Basic Midwifery Practice depicts the majority of the trademarks and abilities of maternity care rehearse that must be tended to in the educational modules of the program looking for accreditation.


This accreditation provides the basic certificate, basic graduate nurse-midwifery, direct entry midwifery, and pre-certification nurse-midwifery education programs, including those programs that offer online education, so those who are thinking to go in this field can opt for this program.