Aviation Accreditation Board International (AABI)

Aviation Accreditation Board International is a accreditation board that gives accreditation to colleges that provide aviation or aeronautics education to the students and is partnered with the industry for benefit of their students.

Posted by Ankita Paul on 9th May 2018

Aviation Accreditation Board International (AABI)

The Aviation Accreditation Board International (AABI) was formed in 1988 through combined efforts of 100 colleges and universities offering aviation programs who saw the need to establish standards.

Its prime purpose is to extend accreditation to the colleges and universities that provide aviation programs to the students.

Accreditation is the system for educational institutions and the programs offered by them to have high-quality performance and integrity so that they can earn the confidence of the industry and the public they serve.

Aviation Accreditation Board International is recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) and has maintained its high status since its accreditation in CHEA.

 Guiding Values of AABI

The mission of Aviation Accreditation Board International to provide best quality aviation education in partnership with the practical industry.

Their vision is to develop Next Generation Aviation Professionals.

Their goals or the values by which they operate are-

  • Stimulate collegiate aviation program excellence and self-improvement;

  • Establish uniform minimum educational quality criteria;

  • Increase the credibility, integrity, and acceptance of collegiate aviation programs within institutions of higher education.

 Eligibility Requirements for colleges and universities for AABI accreditation

The eligibility requirements for the purpose of accreditation

  • The college or university must be a member from AABI to be qualified for accreditation.

  • The foundation presents an application (Form 202), application charge, one duplicate of school list, one duplicate of the avionics program educational programs, and one duplicate of the course descriptions for all aeronautics courses. All records are to be submitted electronically (flash drive or CD-ROM). Email entries are not permitted.

  • The president audits application reports and submits duplicates to the Accreditation Committee chair, colleague chair, and Accreditation Committee Reviewers (ACRs) for the survey.

  • The Accreditation Committee Chair decides the establishment's status (admission to candidate status, or denied).

  • The Chair of the Accreditation Committee tells President of the choice in regards to hopeful status.

  • The President tells the organization, by letter, instructing with respect to status. In the event that candidate is accepted, encase Form 201 (Accreditation Criteria Manual) and Form 204 (Outline for a Self-Study Report). On the off chance that denied, inform organization concerning purposes behind dissent.

  • The foundation finishes a Self-Study Report (SSR). The SSR ought to be finished in one scholastic year. There are extra expenses for SSR accommodation augmentation demands.

  • The Accreditation Committee Chair prompts the President if the SSR is finished.

 Decision-making bodies of AABI

There are many committees which form the decision-making body of AABI

Executive Committee- The executive committee consists of Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary-Treasurer, Immediate Past Chairperson, President, President Emeritus, Emeritus and Assistant Officer.

Standing Operating Committees

It has three sub-committees under it respectively:

  • Accreditation Committee which includes Chair & Assistant Chair

  • Criteria Committee that contains Chair & Co-Chair

  • Guidance Committee consists of Chair & Co-Chair

Standing Management Committees

It consists of several subcommittees which are:

  • Awards committee which has Chairperson.

  • Bylaws and Policies & Procedures which includes Chair & Co-Chair

  • Industry Forum Committee which includes industry Chair, Industry Co-chair, and Coordinator

  • International Committee which includes Chair & Co-Chair

  • Membership Committee that has Chair & Co-Chair

  • Nominating Committee

  • Safety Committee

  • Strategic Planning & Corporate Communications Committee

Ad Hoc Committees

  • AT-CTI Committee
  • CHEA Committee

  • Collaborative Research Committee

  • Diversity committee

  • Professionalism & Ethics Committee

  • Publications Committee

  • Technology-Based Education Committee

 Colleges and Universities that come under AABI accreditation

The following colleges are members of the AABI-


AABI is the accrediting body which extends accreditation to colleges and institutions that provide aviation and aeronautical programs to students. Its main goal is to give high-quality education to the aviation professionals.