Can you transfer credits from community college to a university?

Many students use a community college or another two-year college as a stepping-stone to a four-year college and a bachelor’s degree. During this time one of the most important things to keep in mind is the transfer of credit. Credit transfer is possible but it is one of the most daunting tasks.

Updated by Akshay Nair P R on 8th June 2018

Can you transfer credits from community college to a university?

Applying for a college for the first time can be a daunting task but transferring from a two year to a four year college will turn out to be a dizzying task. But, with a little preparation, this task would turn out to be much easier and faster.

Some steps to follow 

You should prepare for it early, you should have an idea that when you want to transfer so that it can be planned accordingly.

If you want to spend two years in a community college before transferring, just follow some guideline below.

  • 1st Semester

Meet with your transfer consultant, research four-year colleges that interest you, and become aware of their transfer policies. think about your educational and career goals.

  • 2nd Semester:

Visit the campuses of four-year colleges. seek advice from the transfer coordinator within the admissions office during your visit.

  • 3rd Semester:

Learn what financial aid opportunities are offered, begin collecting applications, ask for letters of recommendation, request transcripts, and keep track of deadlines.

  • 4th Semester:

Submit you transfer and financial aid application to the respective colleges.

Articulation agreements

Check whether your community college has any type of articulation agreements, with any public four-year school.

As community colleges are aware that they act as a stepping stone to a four-year college program for various students. 

This agreement ensures that an associate’s degree will satisfy all freshmen and sophomore year general education requirements at the four-year college. 

For Example: If you get an associate degree from a community college that has an articulation agreement from a college, then your credits are guaranteed to transfer as long as you earned passing grades.


  • Since these transferring policies keep on changing every year.It is adviced that one must seek their advice.

  • Before planning for any application submission, go and ask them all the details regarding this process.

  • They will also give you all the details about credit transfer.

Effect on Academics

  • There would be a sudden shift in the whole teaching and learning culture.

  • When you transfer from a community college to a university.

  • Make sure you are prepared for it. As these changes are bound to have some impact on the academic but these all are short-term impacts.


You're the Pilot

Ultimately everything boils down to how you plan and approach each and everything. Plan clearly and early don't be in a hurry take your time and don't be bashful about asking for help. Transferring can help you cut down on college costs, but only if you take control and know the details.