College Credits Transfer Guide

There are colleges that allows more credit transfer inviting in their approaches as they are towards bolster transfer candidates.

Updated by Pratikshya on 29th June 2018

What is college credits transfer?

Colleges and universities use the term transfer of credit. A student uses this process for an educational purpose. It is a procedure which includes allowing transfer of credits to a student from one college or university to another.

To make the process formal, the previous college needs to send a verification to the new college. Then only the process can be started.

Steps to be followed:

The whole process is subdivided into four sub-steps:

STEP 1: What reveals before a college credit transfer?

Before a student applies for a credit transfer, he or she is counseled or advised by several people of an institution or college. Student's enrolling in a college is affected by this advice and counseling. Sometimes student's aspirations affect the transfer of credit process.

STEP 2: What reveals during a college credit transfer?

First, the student is checked on the basis of different tests. In each level, the student is evaluated to check whether he or she is eligible for the transfer or not. The student should have a permanent academic record received from each college that they were attending.

STEP 3: What reveals after a college transfer credit?

After clearing all the tests, the student is now eligible for the new college. According to the results, the student's credits are granted. After the procedure, the student is transferred.

STEP 4: What are the efforts made to give justice to the transfer students?

The student is provided with the required course. In return, the college expects a minimum satisfactory grade from the transfer student.

 Advantages of the credit transfer:

  • New experiences:

When a student attends the same college, the gaining of exposure limits to the wall of the college. The students attending more colleges can avail more and good experiences.

  • More clear goals:

By attending various colleges, students focus on which path to choose and which not to. This helps the student to realize their preference and choose a detailed path to reach the goals.

  • New beginning:

At some point of time, whenever we get lost by some issues like family, work, etc. life is all about a second chance. A student can always regain the lost confidence in his ambition. Every college has a different exposure. The opted college may give new exposure and may give life a fresh start.

 Transfer schemes:

Some colleges accept credit transfer:


Applying for college transfer credit may help the student to complete the course with fewer expenses without going far from family. It gives the best way to accumulate knowledge and a specific pathway to excel in life.