Free Laptops Offered by Online Colleges

Online courses are often cheaper than traditional courses, but the only barrier to entry is the need of a laptop. Many, the college has recognized the necessity and thus they are providing these laptops at an affordable price and occasionally even for free.

Updated by Amrutha G.M on 26th April 2018

What is Online Education?

Online learning is a method of distance education in which professors and students communicate with each other using the internet. Institutions that offer online education make virtual classrooms, which support video conferencing, chat, slideshows, and/or exam administration, among many other features. Hence, it becomes the basic necessity of an online learner to have a computer.

Do Online Colleges Offer Free Laptops?

Online coaching centres recognize that the students need a laptop to work online. Online colleges give students a chance to register for a laptop.The expense of the computer or laptop is tallied with the tuition payment or measured as a one-time or ongoing fee. Some Institutes allow students to borrow institution laptops which need to be given back to the school after completion of graduation. Both of these options allow students to have a laptop so they can take college courses online.

Working with Online Institutes

It’s unusual to search online institutes that offer free laptops at no charge. There are many colleges which include the cost of the laptop in the tuition, charging fees for the duration of completion of education. Where the laptop can be  “yours” once it’s in your hands.

Many institutes take back the laptops after the completion of the graduation. Other institutes may allow free laptops and reduce the prices on new and restored computers.

Types of Laptops Programs

  • Early Graduation Gifts

Through the degree programs, students get free laptops by online institutes. Where computer belongs to an institute until the complete graduation. After the full completion of graduation by a student in the same institute, the computer will be owned by the respective student.

  • Payment Plans

Some Institutes have payment plans for the laptops. The payments will be included in different bills or institutional fees. This works similarly as ‘lease to own’ laptop program, which will provide the customized computers for the student.

  • Loaner Laptops

Institutes issue laptops via loaner program, where students are allowed to access the computers until their graduation. They must give back the laptops when they discontinue the degree or after completion of the degree. This program allows the students to use the facility of the laptop until they are done with the graduation.

Technical Needs of College Students

Technical needs have become a basic need of the classroom. The technical needs for each type of major or program vary.

For example, graphic design courses will require a laptop with a good graphics card, music production classes require a good sound card and a lot of RAM, while a management course may require nothing more than a basic laptop with Excel and Word.

Get familiar with computer and make assure that the internet connection is fast. Make ensure to manage the freedom that comes with online learning.


Approximately 95% of Institutes with student populations of 5,000 or more have online course offerings. Since all the classes are online, its fair enough to provide computers to students via online colleges.

Online colleges provide students with a chance to register for laptops, which is the financial turnover applies to students and colleges.