Fulbright Scholarship

The Fulbright Program is the chief foreign grant program of the United States of America, intended to develop two nations partnership, cultural concerns, and the exchange of thoughts.

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What is a Fulbright Scholarship?

The Fulbright U.S. Student Program is one of the largest U.S. exchange program intended to offer opportunities for disciples and young professionals in order to commence international graduate study, advanced research, university education, and primary and secondary school teaching around the world.

  • The Fulbright U.S. Student Program provides research, study and teaching openings for approximately 140 countries to current graduates and graduate students.

  • Recruitment team consist of approximately 1,600 volunteer Fulbright Program Advisers on campuses nationwide

  • Approximately, 3,600 candidates are suggested by 157 subsections of the national screening committee, that consist of 457 senior faculties or arena of study professionals

  • Fulbright programs main source capital is allotted yearly to State's Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs by US Congress.


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Who can apply for Fulbright Scholarship?

Let's now look into the following points that will help us to know about who can apply for the scholarship.

  • Recent graduates: Graduating seniors and current bachelor degree students will have few undergraduate training or a placement knowledge related to the project.

  • Master’s and doctoral candidates: Candidates for graduate level need to establish the capacity for sovereign study or research.

  • Young professionals: This includes authors, artistic and performing entertainers, journalists, and law students, business candidates having experience in the field they apply or /and 5 years of professional study.

What are the requirements for Fulbright Scholarship?

Well by now you might have figured out among which of the three categories you fall into and if that's the case, let's quickly look into requirements for one to apply for Fulbright Scholarship.

  • Students have to be a U.S citizen during the application period. If a student is a permanent resident then he/she is not eligible.

  • Students need to have completed all of the degree requirements and handed over the degree.

  • Students need to submit an acceptable medical certificate from a surgeon.

  • Students need to have an adequate ability in writing and verbal language of the host country as this plays an important role in projects associated with social science and humanities.

  • Students need to hold a J.D during the application period.

  • Preference is given to those students who have not formerly held in a Fulbright grant.

  • Students whose higher education was commenced primarily at educational institutions in the United States are provided with higher preference.

  • Students those who have not located in or studied in the country that they have applied for more than six months (undergraduate study abroad not counted) are also preferred.

  • Students having a doctoral degree during the period of application are not eligible.

  • Students looking for aboard enrolment in a medical degree program are not eligible. 

How do I apply for a Fulbright scholarship?

The application process takes the following procedures:

Step 1 - Determine the Applicant type:

  • Candidates applying through U.S Institution should submit the Fulbright application through the Embark online application system before the campus deadline. All necessary resources as mentioned in the Application Components section should also be included before the target date.
  • Candidates applying through At-Large need to submit their application through the Embark online application system before the termination time.

Step 2 - Select the Award type:

  • Study/Research award.

  • English Teaching Assistant Award.

  • Fulbright-National Geographic Digital Storytelling Partnerships.

Step 3 - Review country opportunities.

Step 4 -Review application component. 

What are the award benefits?

Let's look into the perks which a student gets after being approved for the scholarship.

  • Transportation of round-trip to host country

  • Financing to cover room, board, and supplementary costs, constructed on the outlay in the host country

  • Accident & Sickness Well-being Aids

  • Bok and examination grants

  • Mid-term enhancement events

  • Complete or partial tuition fee

  • Language study programs

  • Pre-departure and one’s country alignments


The Fulbright Program is the chief foreign grant program of the United States of America, intended to develop two nations partnership, cultural concerns, and the exchange of thoughts.


  1) How many applications are accepted for the Fulbright Scholarship?

There is no fixed number of students or scholars who are accepted for the scholarship award, But approximately 8,000 grants are awarded annually, which comprises of roughly 1,900 U.S. students, 4,000 foreign students 1,200 U.S. scholars, and 900 visiting scholars. The United States Government, Department of states has the right to alter participating countries, numbers of awards, terms of the agreement, and allowances. 

  2) Can someone apply for Fulbright Scholarship more than once?

NO, you can only apply for a Fulbright Scholarship grant once a year. But if you are an unsuccessful applicant you can apply for the grant in the subsequent years. If you have received a Fulbright grant you cannot apply for it again, however, there are other Fulbright grants you can apply but, it is accessible after 3 years once your Fulbright Full Grant term is completed. 

  3) What is the Fulbright Scholarship amount?

The Fulbright Scholarship grant amount varies from country to country. It immensely depends on your country of origin.

The Fulbright Scholars are granted with the amount ranging from $1200 to $2300 per month, plus, for the international students, apart from the grant, they receive $350 per month to cover expenses during their initial days in the US and a $1000 for books-and-supplies allowance.

In some cases, the round-trip international transportation from your home country to the USA will be covered by a home country source.  

  4) What kind of people are selected for the Fulbright Scholarship?

Every year the number of the Fulbright scholarship increases and is more diverse as compared to the previous years. But all of them have a thing or two in common, for example:

  • They are determined and involved in social activities.

  • They have leadership skills. 

  • They are intelligent and interesting 

  • They are involved and they don't part themselves apart. 

  • They are self-motivated and enthusiastic. 

  • They have good writing skills.  

  5) What are the field of studies where Fulbright Scholarship grants amount? 

Irrespective of the field of study, The Fulbright Scholarships grants the scholarship amount to students studying in any field, even if it is an interdisciplinary course. Fulbright encourages students from all field of studies to apply for the scholarship amount.