Grants for Single Mothers

Grants for single mother are similar to any other financial aid. This article talks about grants for single mother, its eligibility criteria and how to apply.

Posted by Navya B on 3rd March 2018

Grants for Single Mothers

Grants for single Mothers are the financial aid provided to single mothers who are in need to pursue their further education.

This grant is given at once, like at one shot before the semester starting. These grants or award need not be paid back.

When it comes to educational costs, it really becomes difficult to bear the rising costs and the graduation costs. The educational costs like the tuition fees, sports fees, and extra circular activities costs become burdensome.

Moreover, sometimes the student has to shift their place and arrange accommodation. In all of these problems, if a single mother wants to pursue her education for future benefits, she might not get help from her family, because it becomes difficult to arrange the amount needed.

 Different types of College Grants for Single Mothers

  • FAFSA Grants- The federal government provides financial aid to single mothers; students have to fill an application form. And if it gets approved then they will receive award money.

  • Pell Grants-The federal Pell grants are provided by the government in various aspects to help single people.

  • Teach grant-This grant helps single mothers to finish their higher education to become a teacher.

  • MacArthur Genius Grant-This grant is for the span of 5 years. It helps Students/Single Mothers live their passion and complete their education.

  • NSF Grants (National Science Foundation)-The national science foundation helps single mothers by providing aid to help them complete their education.

  • SMART Grant, ACG (Academic Competitiveness Grant)-This helps students who want to excel in the area of math and science.

  • AAUW (American Association of University Women)-The AAUW organizations has many fellowships and Career development programs to help single mothers complete their education or passion they want.

Eligibility Requirements to get grants for Single Mothers

  • One should have a basic higher secondary education.

  • It is obvious that the candidate should be a female as it is a grant for single mothers.

  • One should have a child of 5 years or above.

  • For few grants, a candidate should have been completely a degree of 4 years.

  • A student should have a minimum score of 3.0 CGPA or above.

  • Few types of grants will have a demand for work experience.

How to apply?

Step 1: Firstly check if you are eligible for receiving a grant.

Step 2: Figure out the grant which is needed by you or which suits your educational needs.

Step 3: Download the grant application form from the official website of the organization.

Step 4: Fill the application with all the necessary details; attach any files like resume if necessary.

Step 5: Check the deadlines and last date of submission. Submit the form in prior to the deadline carefully.

Step 6: keep a track of your application.

Step 7: If you get any response from the grant offering organization, please do respond and reply.

Who provides the grants?

  • Federal governments

  • State governments

  • Non-profit organizations

  • Profit organizations

  • NGO’s for women

  • Private business cooperates

Many organizations provide grants to single women, few of the online colleges which are in the United States are

Liberty University Eastern Washington University
Duke University Concordia University
Arizona University Gonzaga University
Capella University University of Nevada, Reno
Walden University University of Oregon

How does it benefit the Single Mothers?

  • Many of the women should sacrifice things to children, so they won’t be able to concentrate on their educations. Grants for such mothers will help fulfil their needs.

  • It will keep them engaged in career perspective.

  • One can take care of their child and even earn money by getting educated more than a graduation.

  • It will help women pay their tuition fees at one shot.

  • They will have space extra space to set up their accommodation when there is no burden of educational expenses.


What do you think single mothers grants are for good cause or not?  It really helps those helpless mothers who should manage the expenses and a complete care in this competitive world.

I think it’s the best way to reach out to such women and offer them for education and make them independent.


  1) What can a grant do for me as a single mother?

As a single mother, a grant will make a world of difference for you. It can provide you with all education fee, the living expense, and all the expenses related to your education.

  2) What are the types of grants available?

Federal Pell Grant is probably the best and the well known. Apart from that their is an Academic Competitiveness Grant. There is a special grant for the one with the most financial need know as the Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant, this can award up to $4000.

  3) Can I apply for single parent program if I am doing an online course?

Yes, as far as your institute is accredited you are eligible for these grants.

  4) Are there any program requirements?

These are grants that are need-based, so it doesn't have any type of minimum GPA requirement. However, they must meet the academic requirements.