Grants for Women

Women are considered as the weakest group and no one devotes time in bringing them up. Every woman has the right to enjoy in all aspects. Grants for women will help us enlighten their lives.

Posted by Navya B on 3rd March 2018

What are Grants for Women?

Grants for Women are the rewards or the financial help provided by various organizations for educational purposes.

The profit, non-profit and governmental organizations provide financial aids to students to help them graduate and pay the educational costs.

And mainly grants are the most popular financial aid because it does not be paid back.  Grants are like awards.

There are other kinds of financial also like scholarships, loans, internships-part time jobs etc.               

The way of presenting financial aid might be different in each case but the main mission of all the aids is to help women and give the path to move forward.

Why are Grants Important for Women?

In the recent years, women have added wonders in all the careers. Their excelling power is very high but largely not represented.

Many activists and educational institutions have come to an end that there are many women students’ fails to pursue their education and unable to bear the educational costs.

There are various reasons for women to seek financial aid

  • No support from family

  • Low individual income

  • Minority women

Eligibility for Grants for Women

  • Gender - As this grant is only for women, male students will not be able to apply for this type of grants.

  • Race or creed - The candidate eligibility will be decided on the basis of their race.

  • Age - As most of the financial aids are for graduate programs, one should be 18 years or above.

  • Citizenship Status - The candidate who is willing to apply for the grant should be a permanent citizen of the United States.

  • Educational Levels - One should have completed the higher secondary education.

  • The financial need - The financial need of the student be mentioned while applying for a grant.

  • Enrolment - A Student must be enrolled in that particular year for at least two classes. 

How to apply?

  • Get in contact with the organization that provides the particular grant.

    • If the organization provides online services, you can download the application form from the website.

    • Fill the form with all the necessary details and attach a photocopy if asked for.

    • In case if a resume or portfolio is asked, kindly attach the same to the application.

  • Submit the application on time in prior to the deadline.

    • The next step is to carefully check all data in the application.

    • Check all the needed documents and submit the form.

    • And contact the organization whether the deadline is for posting the application or receiving the application

  • Follow up your application.

    • The organizations will announce a date to check the status the candidate’s application.

    • Keep a track of your application if it is accepted or not.

    • When the organization approves to send the grant/award money it will be notified to the student.

What are the Various Grants for Women?

  • Grants for Students

  • Grants for Single mothers

  • Grants for Women’s health

  • Grants for Arts

  • Minority Women Grants

  • Go girl Grant

Who provides these grants?

There are many organizations that provide grants for women, they are

  • Government organizations

    • State government

    • Federal government

  • Educational organizations

    • Independent schools

    • Public and private institutions

  • Public Housing Organizations

    • Public housing authorities

    • Other housing authorities

  • Non-Profit Organizations

    • Organizations with internal revenues

    • Organizations without external revenues

  • For-Profit Organizations

    • Small business

    • Other organizations like startups

Many colleges provide grants for women, few of them are listed below

Arizona State University University of North Carolina at Greensboro
University of Texas at San Antonio Duke University
University of Texas at Dallas University of North Carolina at Pembroke


Grants for women will be very helpful to every student achieve what they want. It will reduce their stress to arrange financial help and focus more on education.

Women should not be neglected as a minority and should be given all rights which they deserve.


  1) How much GPA should I have to be eligible for a women scholarship?

This minimum GPA requirement may be different for various institutions, but most common GPA requirement is around 3.0 to 4.0 to be eligible.

  2) Are there any grants for women pursuing political education?

Yes, there are numerous grants offered for women who are pursuing further education in any discipline.

  3) Are there any special grants for Latin-American women?

There are various grants specially dedicated to Latin-American women, these grants are provided to uplift the women of this community.

  4) Are there any scholarships/grants offered for women pursuing an online degree?

Yes, there are several Federal and Private scholarships and grants for women wishing to pursue higher education in any field of specialization. There is no restriction on the mode of degree pursued i.e. campus-based or online. The offered scholarships are for the degree program irrespective of which institute and what type of degree it is.