How to get a Doctorate degree?

A Doctorate degree can be got by fulfilling the necessary requirements needed by any university and first being getting the undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, only undergraduate degrees in some cases. Read further to know about the necessary steps to obtain the supreme degree.

Posted by Ankita Paul on 30th April 2018

How to get a doctorate degree?

Firstly, to get a doctorate degree you need to have both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. Then, choosing the college of your choice and cracking the tests like GRE, TOEFL, etc. Submitting the required documents asked by the institution, you can enroll in the program and start your classes. A doctorate program requires rigorous research work. Successful completion of the research work grants you the degree.

A doctorate program is the superior form of a program which has been recognized all around the world by all the universities and colleges. It is a degree which lets the doctorate holder hold significant positions in renowned colleges to at the postgraduate level or to work for any specific profession. A doctorate degree can be completed in 3-4 years if you have a Masters degree and without it, it will take from 3 to 8 years. A doctorate degree can be done in nearly all the subjects of an individual’s choice.

 Types of Doctorate degrees-

  • Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)
  • Doctor of Health Sciences (MD)
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D./DPhil)
  • Doctor of Professional Studies (DPS)
  • Doctor of Engineering (EngD)
  • Doctor of Education (Ed.D.)

Forms of Doctorate Degrees:

  • Academic: These kinds of PhDs are generally offered for the research works on academic related topics. It generally talks the topics on traditional conceptual subjects and broadens the ideas on the substantial topic.


  • Professional: Professional Ph.D. holders are similar to the above one but with the difference that these researchers undergo practical training and develop more professional skills. They are supposed to have some experience either before or while doing the professional degree.


  • Higher: Higher doctorates are generally awarded to a person after some significant work in research fields and is generally awarded later in his/her lifetime.


  • Honorary: Honorary doctorates are generally awarded to the people pertaining to the significant achievements in their lifetime. It does not have to be related to academic or professional research but could also be for their contribution to the society as well.

Eligibility criteria for getting into Doctorate programs in the US

  • 16-18 years of education


  • Bachelor’s and Master’s, in some cases only bachelor’s




  • Statement of Purpose (SOP)


  • Letters of Recommendation (LR)


  • Academic Transcripts


  • Resume

How to get a Doctorate Degree?

  • First of all, obtain both bachelor’s and master’s degree, only undergraduate in some cases.


  • Identifying your research interests and any particular professor whose research work interests you.


  • Search for the programs that suit your interests and apply to the colleges accordingly.


  • Look for any funding opportunities, if required.


  • Consider other factors like cost of living, college reputation, location, etc.


  • Crack GRE, TOEFL and other exams to meet the requirements.


  • Complete school requirements like recommendation letters, statement of purpose, transcripts, etc. to be admitted to the school.


  • Start your classes and complete the basic tasks.


  • Start your research work under any professor of your field choice and his works.


  • Complete dissertation and take your degree.


Colleges offering Doctorate programs

There are many colleges offering doctorate programs. To name a few, the list is given below-

Capella University

Walden University

Liberty University

Colorado State University

Bay Path University

Nova Southeastern University

Colorado Technical University

University of the Rockies

Northcentral University

Emporia State University



Doing a doctorate program helps an individual who really wants to give a boost to their careers and do well in their lives. A doctorate degree can be completed in the period of four years with a master’s degree and in 4-8 years without it. It all depends on the pupil’s caliber and the potential. The more the potential, the faster it finishes.