How to get an Associate degree?

An Associate Degree can be obtained through proper verification of colleges, applying into one, cracking the eligibility criteria, getting the acceptance letter, going through the classes and other things. Read on this blog to know the required information.

Posted by Ankita Paul on 30th April 2018

How to get an Associate Degree?

Before getting into the program, you will have to first get through the preliminary stages of getting into a college program, fulfill its criteria and get admission.

You can get a degree through the course of 2 years by simply completing some necessary steps required.

An Associate degree is a two-year course with less money and time investment compared to a Bachelor’s degree.

A person who wants to earn a high valued income can go ahead with pursuing an Associate’s degree, instead of going in for a three-four year Bachelor’s degree course.

Types of Associate Degrees

There are mainly four types of Associate Degree programs which are as follows-

  • Associate of Arts (AA) - An Associate of Arts(AA) degree covers general subjects concerning the performing arts, literature, languages or even the fine arts such as music or art.

  • Associate of Science (AS) - These programs focus more on math and science subjects, which can translate directly into entry-level work in their specific field.

  • Associate of Applied Science (AAS) – This program is designed to prepare the students for a career in their chosen area of study.

  • Associate of Applied Arts (AAA) – This program is also designed to train students in focused artwork like visual arts, fiber arts.

The main difference between applied and normal associate degree is that there are more focused and practical studies in applied studies, whereas in normal associate degrees, the studies are in general.

How to get an associate’s degree?

  • Finding the right colleges with online programs. 

  • Fill out your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), online or in a printed format.

  • Wait for the acceptance letter to start your classes.

  • Begin your classes, completing all the tasks and examinations.

  • Complete the practical tasks or internships if any, and get your degree.

Colleges offering Associate’s Degree

There are many colleges offering an associate degree in many disciplines. 

Ashworth College

Columbia Southern University

Kaplan University

National American University

Liberty University

University of Phoenix

McCann School of Business & Technology

Waldorf University

Aspen University

Keiser University



Associate degrees are nevertheless important degrees as it is a post-secondary education in its first step. Associate degrees may not be such a formal degree but it holds its importance as it helps the students to take first steps towards their career.