Navy ROTC Scholarship

The Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps (NROTC) program is college-based, commissioned officer training program of the United States Navy and the United States Marine Corps. To know more about this scholarship read this blog.

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Navy ROTC Scholarship

This program was established in order to educate young and energetic men and women for service as commissioned officers in the Naval Reserve or Marine Corps Reserve.

This program plays a very important part in preparing young people who are interested in a career in Navy and Marine Corps.

This program prepares young men and women for leadership and management positions in an increasingly technical Navy and Marine Corps.


  1. The applicant must meet the requirement of a minimum individual and combined score. These tests can be super scored i.e some combination of two same type of test can be used to achieve the minimum required combined score and that can be utilized to determine the highest individual score.

  2. Should be a US Citizen

  3. Should be more than 16 and less 27 years old

  4. High school graduation or equivalent certificate

  5. Should not have any body piercing or tattoos that violate Navy or Marine Corps policy

Scholarship programs and its Benefits

The NROTC Four-Year Scholarship

The NROTC Two-Year Scholarship  

NROTC College Program

Navy Nurse Corps NROTC Program

The Tweedale Scholarship

Historically Black College (HBC) Scholarship Program

Some of these are explained below

The NROTC Four-Year Scholarship  

  • Benefits:- Full college and tuition fees, the stipend for books and uniforms, allowance per month (Freshmen-$250, Sophomores-$300, Juniors-$350, Seniors-$400)

  • Timeline:- Covers all four years of college expenses

  • Deadline:- March

  • Eligibility:- Should be a US Citizen, should be more than 16 and less 27 years old, should fulfill physical requirements, should have high school diploma or an equivalent certificate.

The NROTC Two-Year Scholarship    

  • Benefits:- Provides tuition and mandatory fees, textbooks, and uniforms for two academic years, allowance for 20 months, on graduation they would be committed as an ensign, US Naval Reserve or second lieutenant, US Marine Corps Reserve.

  • Timeline:- Covers final two years of college in which the student should have completed their sophomore year or third year in a five-year curriculum.

  • Deadline:- January

  • Eligibility:- Should be a US Citizen, GPA should be 2.5 or more, should have following test scores: 21 - ACT (composite), 1000 - SAT (math and critical reading combined), or 74 - Armed Forces Qualification Test (AFQT)

NROTC College Program  

  • Benefits:- Provides uniform and instructional fees for naval science courses, receive a stipend for a maximum of 20 months, stipend per academic month $350 for junior year and $400 for senior year

  • Timeline:- 2 to 4 years

  • Deadline:- March

  • Eligibility:- Should be a US Citizen, should be enrolled as a full-time student with 3 years of coursework remaining, should have high school diploma or an equivalent certificate

Navy Nurse Corps NROTC Program  

  • Benefits:- Provides tuition and mandatory fees, textbooks, uniforms, and a monthly allowance

  • Timeline:- 4 years

  • Deadline:- March

  • Eligibility:- Should be a US Citizen, interested in pursuing Bachelor of Science degree in nursing (BSN), should have high school diploma or an equivalent certificate


This NROTC program prepares the interested candidates for the life ahead in the Navy and Marine Corps.

They learn how things work, they learn the technical aspects also, during these years they can train themselves to excel in the filed that would see their future rather than worrying about the financial aspects as every expense of them is taken care of.

Thes type of initiative encourages more people to come and join the Navy and Marine Corps.


Q.1) What does this scholarship pay for?

A.1) This scholarship covers full tuition and mandatory school fees. In addition, each scholarship student receives the amount for; uniforms, an allowance of $375 for books in each semester; and a monthly subsistence allowance of $400. The NROTC pays for scholarship students’ initial transportation from home to school and from home to summer cruise training.

Q.2) What is the acceptance rate of the Navy ROTC Scholarship?

A.2) The acceptance rate ranges somewhere between 15%-20%

Q.3) Can I join Navy ROTC without a scholarship?

A.3) It is possible to apply for Navy ROTC without a scholarship, as a “College Program” option. With this path you will be competing for a “Sideload Scholarship” (i.e. a 2 or 3 year NROTC scholarship) which could be awarded either at the end of either your Freshman or Sophomore year. But here it is limited to 180 candidates. Due to which if you want to be selected you should have a GPA score of 3.50 or above and an outstanding fitness score.

Q.4) Is the Navy ROTC only way to get into Navy or Marine Corps after graduation?

A.4) No, there are multiple avenues to earn a commission as an officer into the Navy or Marine corps. Other possibilities include the U.S. Naval Academy or Officer Candidate School.

Q.5) What are the Navy ROTC service obligations?

A.5) There are certain service obligations that a Navy ROTC scholarship receiver should follow; the scholarship receiver is obliged to serve 8 years of commissioned service, in which there is 4 years of mandatory active duty and 4 years of inactive reserve.