Online College Grants

Students who pursue Graduation through online colleges and universities also can get a chance to win grants and awards.

Posted by Navya B on 3rd March 2018

Online College Grant

Similar to the various grants available for offline colleges, there are grants for Online Colleges too. Students who pursue graduation from Online Colleges have the of getting grants.

The only difference between the offline and Online College grants is that the Online College grants will be a one-time reward. You need not pay back the amount.

Firstly the tuition fees and other expenses for online education is a reduced amount. Grants for online courses will moreover cut down the total costs for the students.

Different types of grants for Online Colleges

  • Financial need-based

    • Grants are provided to students depending on the financial status and needs. Based on this factor organizations decide whether the grants should be partial or full.

    • And the difference between Expected Family Cost (EFC) and cost of attendance will also be taken into consideration.

  • Merit-based

    • It is based on the marks and credits you score.

    • The students who score the highest marks will gain the grants.

  • Academic Departmental Grants

    • These are grants for undergraduate students.

    • Based on the academic performance money as a reward is provided.

  • Corporate Grants

    • These grants are provided by the non-profit organizations.

    • Corporate organizations award money with money based on some criteria.

Eligibility for Online Grants

  • A student should have enrolled in an Online College

  • Candidates should have been pursuing in any of the accredited programs.

  • A student should have a CGPA of 3 or above.

  • Age also matters for availing grants; one should be in a graduate program. 

How to apply?

Step 1: Firstly download the application form from the official website and fill it with all the details.

Step 2: If documents are needed to be attached to the application, attach them.

Step 3: Submit the application form before the last date or deadline.

Step 4: Wait until the organization accepts and approves the application.

Step 5: The organizations will send the respective money or award to the college administration.

Who provides the Online Grants?

  • Federal/Public Grants - These grants are provided by the federal or public grants.

  • State Grants - The State governments provide grants to the students based on some criteria’s.

  • Private Grants - Few private organizations help students provide financial help to students.

  • Institutional Grants - The college/School committee provides the grants. 


Online colleges provide grants similarly to the offline colleges. Students who enroll in programs at Online Schools/Colleges can avail grants.

Online grants need not be paid back, so this is really good opportunity for students and they can get financial aid for educational expenses.


  1) Can you get a Pell Grant for online classes?

Yes, you can get a Pell Grant for online classes as long as your school is accredited and is approved to disburse federal financial aid funds.

  2) Can I apply for scholarship even if I am not currently enrolled in a college?

You don’t have to be officially enrolled in a college or university to begin your search for scholarships. If you haven’t decided which school you’d like to attend, you can select schools in which you are interested while completing your profile.

  3) When do I find out about how much money  I will receive?

After submitting your FAFSA, you will receive a Student Aid Report (SAR), which is a summary of the FAFSA data you submitted. Review your SAR for accuracy, as this information will be sent to a list of colleges you select to determine your financial aid. Then according to colleges, they will send you the notification about how much money you will receive

  4) Are these grants merit-based?

Most grants are not merit based they are need-based and also community-based.