Scholarship and Financial Aid for Nursing

A higher education for nursing is expensive and the educational cost should not act as a barrier for a student’s success hence financial aid and scholarship for nursing is needed.

Updated by Navya B on 22nd June 2018

Scholarship and Financial Aid for Nursing

It is the financial help provided to students who are pursuing Bachelors/Masters in Nursing. The demand for educated nurses has increased recently to a large extent. It is one of the top most searched disciplines on the internet. To know more about the nursing course click here.

Financial aids which will help nursing students are

  • Loans - Loans should be re-paid and they have a period of time to return the money.

  • Grants - Grants are awards given to students without any merit conditions. No need to pay back.

  • Federal grants - These are grants provided by the federal government.

Where does the financial aid come from?

There are many sources which provide financial help to students, such as

  • Federal Government

  • State Government

  • Private Organizations

  • Non-Private Organizations

Different Scholarships for Nursing

  • Nightingale Scholarship

    • It is a state-wide, non-profit organization.

    • Scholarships are provided to nursing students for all the levels of degrees, like associate, bachelors, masters etc.

  • Global Health Nursing Scholarship

    • It offers $3000 to merit-based students, those who belong to Global Health.

    • This scholarship organization provides financial aid to the global health nursing students.

  • Army Nurse Corps Association (ANCA) Education Fund

    • Originally it was formed as Retired Army Nurse Association in the year of 1997 and later it was changed.

    • This committee supports the nursing students who are in a need of financial aid, and only US students can apply for this scholarship.

Benefits of financial aid for nursing students

  • As discussed above nursing is very popular nowadays and many people want to pursue a degree in nursing.

  • The best part of scholarships and financial aids are they also get accommodation funds per year/semester.

  • Students will enrol more in nursing.

  • Students can study peacefully without the burden of finical crises.

  • They can get accommodation nearby to college without travelling much.

  • Students need not buy books and other needful things, it will get included in financial aid funds.

Eligibility Criteria

The general qualifications and requirements to apply for various kinds of scholarships are mentioned below

  • You should be a citizen of the United States

  • One should have age around 17 or 26 years

  • Have a minimum score in higher school of 2.5 GPA

  • A candidate should have a diploma in high school

  • A student should meet all the medical and Physical standards

  • A candidate should have a minimum score of 920 in SAT.

How to apply for financial aids and scholarships?

There will be very specific things for few scholarships and financial aids and scholarships. But the general and basic steps for all the financial aids are same or similar.

  • Find a financial aid (scholarship, grants, loans, Perkins) which suits your need best.

  • Secondly, download an application from the website who is the official provider of any particular financial aid.

  • Fill all the details carefully and attach self-declaration with the application.

  • If any other documents like resume or letter of recommendation are asked, do attach them.

  • Submit the application before the application deadline.

  • The results whether your application for financial aid is rejected or approved will be declared after 2- 3 weeks of submission.

Financial aids by Army for Nursing

The army needs a lot of intake in the nursing domain for their army hospitals. They also offer many opportunities for student nurses to join the army.

There are few financial aids like loans and scholarships, will have few conditions to offer scholarships.

The main criterion is a student who is taking a scholarship from that particular organization should work in that organization after graduation.

Army also provides such financial aids to recruit many nurses in the army of United States.

Colleges that provide Nursing Degree

Aspen University

Colorado Technical University

Ball State University

Drexel University

Capella University

Graceland University

Chamberlian University

Indiana Wesleyan University


There is a lot of scope for educated nurses and a student can get many opportunities. At the same time, there are many sources that provide financial aids and support.

I hope you have understood the importance of scholarships and how to get them. All the necessary things and benefits are provided in this blog for students like you.


  1) Where can I receive scholarships and financial aid for nursing?

The first place for students who are/wants to pursue a degree in Nursing may apply for the scholarship or financial aid from the federal government which is the Federal Pell Grant and Federal Direct Stafford Loans. In some cases, the Parent PLUS loan is also available. This is a credit-based loan parent may apply to assist dependent students with educational expenses. 

  2) Do I need to upload my resume/CV while applying for the scholarship? 

Yes, it is compulsory to attach your resume/CV with your scholarship application if asked for. All scholarship applicants are required to upload a resume along with your scholarship application detailing about their extracurricular activities, organizations, clubs, leadership experience, community involvement and volunteer activities. 

  3) What are the best resources through which I can apply for Scholarship and financial-aid for nursing?   

There are many organizations that provide you with financial aid and scholarship for nursing. For example, the Oncology Nursing Society offers scholarships for students pursuing master's, doctorate's degree in nursing. Some of the best resource for scholarhsip may include:

  • Religious organizations

  • Private and public schools

  • Small businesses

  • Large corporations

  • Community groups

  • Generous individuals

  • Philanthropic foundations.

  4) How much amount is granted in a scholarship and financial aid for nursing?  

The scholarship grant amount received by an awardee goes up to $6,000. But the grant amount changes every year, so the specific or exact amount cannot be said that a scholarship awardee will receive. 

  5) Do Military department provide scholarships and financial aid for nursing? 

Yes, the military departments of The US provide students with scholarship and financial aid for nursing. The US Navy, The US army, and the US airforce have their own criteria, which is needed by the applicant to fulfill to be awarded the scholarship.