Scholarships for Hispanic

These are scholarships for the Spanish speaking people in Latin America. Hispanic are broadly refers to the people, nations, and cultures that have a historical link to Spain. To know more read this blog.

Updated by Navya B on 3rd May 2018

Scholarship for Hispanic

Hispanic refers to the people and nation of historical Spain. It also applies to countries or nations which were under the Spanish colonial possession. In historical times when Spain undertook many nations and ruled them so they are called as Hispanics.

In the recent years, it is found that the enrolment of minority students has gradually increased. Among those groups, Hispanic is also one of the leading groups to rise up in the stats for participating in education.

STEM Scholarship for Hispanic

Hispanic Students who are studying engineering or any science subjects can apply for the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics)

These disciplines cover too many specializations like web development, chemical engineering, anthropology etc.

Few of the STEM scholarships are

  • Gates Millennium Scholars Program

  • Hispanic college Liason Program

The Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SPHE) provides general scholarships to students in the domain like

  • Networking and industries opportunities

  • Databases

  • Conferences and workshops

  • Continue education.

What are the various types of Hispanic Scholarship?

Hispanic scholarship fund (HSF) is the largest, famous and popular scholarships and there are many scholarships for the Hispanic students, these scholarships are funded by co-operating societies like McDonalds and WalMart.

 Few of the Scholarships are mentioned below

  • HSF General Scholarship

  • Coca-Cola Refreshments Scholarship

  • Colgate-Palmolive Haz La U Scholarships

  • Macy’s scholarship

  • Discover

There are many national professional membership organizations which offer educational scholarships for promoting Hispanic groups, The National Association of Hispanic Nurses offers scholarships to members to demonstrate and help students with their education.

Who provides the scholarship?

Schools - Few schools provide scholarships to their students.

Educational institutions - Universities and institutions provide scholarships to students with their funds.

Government Agencies - The state government, the federal government, and few other government-related agencies offer scholarships.

Foundations - Individual foundations are formed and collided to help minority students. 

Advocacy Groups - The lobby groups and interests groups work for public interests in order to provide financial aid to students.

Professional Associations- Professional associations like business groups and other private organizations offer financial help to students. 

List of Colleges for Hispanic Students

University of California-San Diego The University of New Mexico
University of California-Riverside Texas State University
University of Houston Fresno Pacific University
Florida International University University of Texas-San Antonio
California State University, Northridge Adams State University


Benefits of Hispanic?

  • The uniqueness of their group is the advantage. They will get extra care and support rather than other people.

  • Hispanic women get scholarships separately.

  • Hispanics have traits to leverage access, especially by various organizational sectors.

  • With the help of the Hispanic background, they get a chance to excel in their abilities. It acts as an open door.

  • It makes the students of the Hispanic group strong.

  • This Scholarship will help students explore in various kinds of fields.

  • When the government recognizes the minority group and provide scholarships, no one can discriminate them.

  • It will help students overcome financial crises and concentrate more on academics.

Eligibility for Hispanic Scholarships

  • One should be a partial or complete Afro American/ Latin American

  • Awards are given to particular qualified students of United States.

  • Students who are pursuing a degree of two or four years can only apply for the Hispanic scholarship.

  • A candidate who is applying for the Hispanic scholarship should have scored 3.0 CGPA in the previous bachelor or associate degree

  • A student who has to apply for the Hispanic scholarship should be from an accredited college.

Procedure to apply

  • Visit the online portal of the scholarship providing organization.

  • Fill it online and if needed to be posted download the application form.

  • Submit the application in prior to the deadlines.

  • Wait until you get a response from the organization.


As discussed above the group of Latin and Spanish people are the migrated people and the ones ruled by the Spanish in the colonial period.

By offering scholarships to the students of these groups they can excel in various fields and excel in their career.


  1) How are the students selected for a Scholarship for Hispanic? 

Above everything else the candidates should be a Latin American or should be relating to Spain or any other Spanish speaking country. The candidates are selected on the basis of their academic achievement, financial need, community service, social service, personal strengths, and leadership skills. First generation college students and students from low-income households are closely reviewed. 

  2) Does Scholarship for Hispanics provide grants for high school education?

No, the scholarship for Hispanics is only granted to those students who are high school graduate and are planning or are currently attending a U.S government accredited University or College for a two or four year course. 

  3) How does the Scholarship for Hispanics pay for? 

The scholarships grants for Hispanics can be used in paying tuition fees, for books and accommodation, transportation and other educational related expenses. 

  4) If I enroll in a part-time course, will I be eligible to apply for scholarships for Hispanics?

Yes. During the time of application, applicants may be enrolled in a part-time educational course. However, students must be enrolled in a full-time course in the fall term, in order to be eligible to receive funding from the scholarship providing committee. The scholarship for Hispanics committee verifies enrollment before scholarship awards are granted.

  5) Who can fill up the recommendation form for my Scholarship for Hispanics? 

People who are close to you and are not blood-related can fill up the recommendation form for you. Some of them maybe your teacher, coach, your employer and/or your mentor. A relative should not complete the form. Be sure to alert your recommender that he/she must complete the recommendation form online and he/she will receive an email with instructions about the online form.