Scholarships for Military Spouses

Military families endure extreme environments and make commendable sacrifices, and it is quite hard for normal citizen to understand the privation they experience. Here are few rewards that support to ease their burdens.

Updated by Navya B on 8th February 2019

Scholarships for Military Spouses

Scholarships for the spouses of military members in order to help them pursue their education further are scholarships for Military Spouses.

The military members do so much to protect the nation. Their spouses and family sacrifice to let them work in the military.

They should never be neglected, military people don’t even care about their lives. The military member and family should be given complete respect. Their spouses have to get a chance to get educated or work according to their wish.

Who offers Scholarships for Military Spouses?

  • The Military of United States

  • The Federal Government and State government

  • Civic groups who are interested in social services.

What are different types of Scholarships for Military Spouses

  • Scholarships supported by Military

    • Spouse Education Assistance Program

    • S Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society

    • Gold Star Scholarship Program

    • Coastguard Foundation

  • Scholarships supported by State government

    • Alabama Department Veterans affairs

    • Veterans Tuition Waiver

  • Scholarships supported by civic groups and charity trusts

    • National Military Family Association

    • Thanks USA

    • Salute Spouses

What are the eligibility criteria for Military spouses to gain scholarships?

  • To attain this Scholarship one must be a citizen of the United States.

  • The student should be a spouse who is currently a military member.

  • Should have completed higher school education.

  • A candidate should have a minimum score of 3.0 GPA.

  • A member can only apply for this program who is a spouse of a military member who has been offered title 10.

  • The spouse divorced with a military member cannot avail for this program.

How to apply?

  • Check for your eligibility with all the necessary criteria’s

  • Download the application form from the official website

  • Fill the form and submit it before the deadline and last date

  • If any documents are supposed to be submitted please do it.

  • Wait until your appeal for scholarship gets accepted and you receive the aid.

List of Military friendly colleges which provide Scholarships to Military Spouses

Utah State University Colorado State University
Oregon State University The University of Oklahoma
The Pennsylvania State University University of Florida
California Baptist University Arizona University


It is very important for us to care to take to people who protect us with all their sacrifice and hard work. We can take a step forward and help the military members and their family.

Providing scholarship for Military spouses will really be mankind and saluting them for their devotion to the country.


  1) Who is eligible to apply Scholarship for the Military children program?

The dependent, unmarried, under the age of 23 who are the children of an active duty personnel, reserve/guard, and retired military members, or survivors of service members who died on active duty or a survivor of individuals who died while receiving retired pay from the military, may apply for a scholarship. 

  2) Who supports the scholarship for military spouses?

Scholarships for military spouses are supported by the various branches of the military, as well as Federal and state governments. Few are dedicated to the spouses of service members who have been killed or disabled in service to their country. The wide range of scholarships for military spouses is designed to help military family members to continue and pursue their college education and degree. 

  3) What is MyCAA? 

MyCAA stands for "Military spouses career advancement accounts", This Tuition Assistance program provides up to $4,000, over 2 years, of Financial Assistance for military spouses who are pursuing a license, certification, or Associate’s degree in a given field of study. 

  4) How much amount is received from the Scholarship for military spouses?

The scholarship programs for military spouses have a merit-based selection process, if selected to receive a scholarship, eligible military spouses and military dependents could receive money for college and further education, ranging from $500 to $2500, or even more depending upon the scholarship providing committee. 

  5) How should be the Scholarship amount used?

The scholarships may be used to pay for expenses, which include college tuition fees, lab fees, and books. Other degree-related costs like supplies or equipment required for specific classes that are purchased from to the school which is paid directly.