Scholarships for Military

These are the scholarships provided for active military personnel, veterans and people associated to or dependent of military workers and veterans are eligible to obtain funding for college via scholarships managed by the federal government, through FAFSA

Updated by Deepthi Raj on 3rd May 2018

Scholarships for Military

Scholarship for Military focuses on providing financial assistance to those in the military who are struggling to meet the rising costs of college tuition.

These military scholarships, with the exception of some FAFSA scholarships, are aids for military workers, and the students eligible for these scholarships will be projected to complete their service agreement after graduation.

All branch of the United States military provides some form of educational aid for its registered workers. It is one of the most valuable sources of financial support for students struggling to meet the increasing costs of college tuition

Most of military scholarship and grants are provided for students studying subjects that focus on the application within military life i.e. medicine, military strategy, however, there are some general and are awarded based on merit or need.

What are the different categories of scholarship available?

Freedom Alliance Scholarship Fund
Iowa War Orphans Educational Aid
American Legion
US Navy
Chief Petty Officer Scholarship Fund
Dolphin Scholarship Fund
Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society Education Grants
Wings over America Foundation Scholarships
military spouses and children
Anchor Scholarship Foundation
BVA Kathern F. Gruber Scholarships
Corvias Foundation Scholarship for Spouses of Active-duty Service Members
EOD Memorial Scholarship
US Army
Army Nurse Corps Association (ANCA) Education Fund
Army ROTC Four-Year College Scholarships
Army ROTC Green to Gold Scholarship Program
Army Women's Foundation Legacy Scholarship
Air Force
Air Force ROTC Scholarship, Army Staff Sgt. Special Agent Richard S. Eaton Jr., Scholarship
AFAS General Henry H. Arnold Education Grant Program
Coast Guard
Navy Wives Clubs of America, Inc. Scholarships
Tailhook Educational Foundation Scholarships
Texas Armed Services Scholarship Program (TASSP
The Graydon & Myrth Fox Scholarship
Marine Corps
Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation
NROTC National Scholarship
Second Marine Division Association Memorial Scholarship
Tailhook Educational Foundation Scholarships


What are the various Eligibility criteria?

  • Eligibility of a student depends on the scholarship he/she is applying. Few major criteria are as listed below:

  • The student applying for a scholarship must be a United States citizen

  • Applicants need to Graduate from a high school or have an equivalent certificate.

  • Students must be 17 years old prior to scholarship activation

  • Must be under 31 years old as of December 31 of the year

  • The student cannot be enrolled full time at a college or university
  • A student must have attained a cumulative GPA around 3.0 or higher

  • Students need to demonstrate all civil involvements and drug or alcohol abuse that occurred prior to the HSSP interview

  • Applicants must complete Physical Fitness Assessment

  • Students also need to submit an application form, essay, transcript, recommendations, and proof of active duty or veteran status from a commanding officer.

  • Students must demonstrate financial need for assistance

Participating Colleges

Oregon State University Stanford University
University at Buffalo Cornell University
Maryland Institute College of Arts Columbia University
Hofstra University New York University
George Washington University Boston University

What are the benefits of Scholarships for Military?

  • A large number of college scholarships and grants available for service members, veterans, and their families.

  • The scholarship includes full-tuition to additional funding for room and board allowances for books and fees 

  • This scholarship helps students ease the financial burden of their college education

  • Scholarships are both merit-based and financial need-based.


These are the scholarships provided for active military personnel, veterans and people associated to or dependent of military workers and veterans are eligible to obtain funding for college via scholarships managed by the federal government, through the FAFSA.


  1) Are there scholarships for disabled military veterans?  

Yes, there are military scholarship programs for the disabled military veterans.

Disabled veterans scholarships are typically awarded through school and local or regional organizations.

These organizations include the American Legion and the VFW.

Qualifying veterans may also find these scholarships at the schools they wish to attend.

  2) Where can a disable military veteran apply for a scholarship? 

There are many institutions and foundation that have scholarship programs for the disabled military veterans. Some of them are listed below: 

  • Honorably-Discharged Veteran Fee Waiver - University of Montana, Montana Tech

  • Herrington Veteran's Scholarship

  • James W. Cochran Memorial Scholarship

  • Mike & Kay Brown Scholarship

  • Disabled American Veterans Scholarship - Angelina College

  • Frederick/Carroll Voiture Locale 155 Nursing Scholarship

  • Nels T. Wold American Legion Scholarship

  • Veterans Scholarship

The college or university you apply for may have scholarship programs for the military veterans, so do check the university or colleges website you are applying for to verify. 

  3) What is ROTC? 

ROTC stands for Army Reserve Officers' Training Corps.

ROTC is a program provided to the youths of the United States by the United States Military to study in military colleges and after the completion of the course, join the Military.

It's not mandatory to join the military if you are not a scholarship candidate.

For a cadet who takes only the first two years of ROTC (Basic Course), there is no military obligation, unless the student is a 3 to 4-year scholarship cadet or has other specific scholarships.

If a cadet has accepted a scholarship, service commitments may vary.

  4) Is it compulsory to serve in the military after ROTC?

Young adults must serve as Officers in the Army after graduation if they have received an ROTC scholarship, or if they have enrolled in the ROTC Advanced Course.

Enrolling in the ROTC Basic Course (the first two years of college) does not obligate someone to serve unless they have also received a scholarship.

If the student is 3-4 years scholarship cadet he/she the service commitments may vary. 

  5) Can I still apply if my family's income is higher than the required limit?

Yes, you can apply if your family's income is higher than the set limit. Be sure to provide an explanation of your family’s financial circumstances in the indicated section of the application.