Scholarships for Women

Scholarship for Women are the financial aid provided to women to educate and fulfill their wishes. To know more about all available women scholarship.

Updated by Navya B on 21st June 2018

Scholarship for Women

The financial aid provided to women students to help them study and educate according to their desire. Scholarships are provided to students as a reward based on some criteria’s and merit.

Scholarships for women are very helpful for women who will to study and pursue education.

Today it isn’t uncommon that women are also going to colleges and schools like men. All the women are trying to upgrade in the fashion of education, allowing women students to get educated and rise in their careers.

Types of Scholarships for Women

  • American Association of University Women (AAUW)

  • The Schlumberger Foundation

  • PEO International

  • Zonta International

  • 1000 dreams Scholarships funds

  • STEM Scholarship

  • Scholarship for Single Mothers

Who provides the scholarships?

  • Institutions - Colleges and universities

  • Government Sources - Federal and state government

  • Religious Entities - Different Religious Groups

  • Minority Advocacy Groups - People of minority groups

  • Professional Organizations - Trusts and other official companies

  • Corporate Sponsors- Business companies

Application Process

  • Check for your eligibility if you can attain the scholarship.

  • Download the application form from the online website portal.

  • Fill the form and submit the application form before the deadline.

  • If any documents are supposed to be submitted, gradually do it.

  • Wait till the awards are announced.

STEM Scholarship for Women

STEM Scholarship for women is provided for students who would like to pursue the education in science and technology, engineering and math. Stem scholarship is mainly for engineering and science streams.

Did you know the fact that in high schools girls perform better than boys; it’s the ratio of 2.7 CGPA for girls vs. 2.56 CGPA for boys. And that is the reason women students get the privilege of attaining the STEM Scholarship.

In higher education system people who want to pursue any stream of engineering like

  • Computer Science

  • Accounting

  • Teaching

  • Information Technology

Criteria for this type of scholarship are a student should have completed higher secondary education and secured a score of minimum 3.0 CGPA.

Eligibility Requirements for STEM Program

  • A student should have a minimum score of 3.0 GPA and a rank within 30% of their particular class.

  • A candidate should be a citizen of United States.

  • A student should be pursuing the degree in the major subjects like Science, Technology, Engineering, mathematics etc.

  • A candidate should have been scored standard scores of the minimum in various subjects- MATH-600, English-25, and Composition/Reading- 500.

  • If any recommendation is possible, official letters should be submitted.

Participating Universities

Clemson University Johns Hopkins University
Cornell University Washington State University
Duke University University of California, LA

 How does it Benefit the Women Students?

  • Women can get financial help from rather than leaving education.

  • They can pursue higher studies.

  • They can support their family costs while there is no burden of fee and other costs in college.

  • Students also get accommodation and books funds, they need not worry.

  • Women can purely and solely concentrate on studies.


Women are equally participating in all fields, so they should be given chance to go much higher in their life. So some helping aid should be provided.

Scholarships for women help them pursue their higher education and reach their goals for their career.


  1) If I drop out of college, do I have to pay back the scholarship amount?

Yes, If you drop out of college and don't complete your education you'll have to pay back a part of your Federal-aid fund.

  2) Why is scholarship essential for every student?

  • The main factor these days is the cost of the course.

  • The tuition fees have taken a hike in last few years, and it's not possible for every student to pay for his/her's educational expenses.

  • Even the financial backing from the student's family is limited to a certain extent.

  • The scholarship programs play a major role in fulfilling the students dreams by helping students financially.  

  3) Is Women Scholarships worth it?

  • Yes, Obviously women scholarships are very beneficial for all the women who want to study but back out due to financial problems.

  • The Women Scholarship programs have led many women to gain knowledge in their field of interest and excel in it.

  • Nowadays men and women go hand in hand in every field, therefore the women scholarship programs help those financially who need financial aid.

  • The Women Scholarship program also encourages women to study.

  • In STEM, i.e, Science technology engineering and maths, field only a quarter of the full population is filled with women.

  • The scholarship programs help women to study these fields too so that there is an equal contribution of men and women in every field without any discrimination.     

  4) Which foundations provide scholarships for women in STEM?

There are 10 college scholarship programs for women in a STEM, they are listed below:

  • Society of Women Engineers

  • The center for a woman in technology 

  • Girls Scouts of The USA

  • American Agri-Women

  • Vanguard Women in Information Technology

  • Alice T. Schafer Mathematics Prize

  • Google Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship

  • Sony Online Entertainment, G.I.R.L (Gamer in real life)

  • Association for Women in Aviation Maintenance 

  • L'Oreal USA for Women in Science Program

  5) Is Scholarship available for women law students

Yes, there are Scholarships for women who aspire to practice law. The student may find private scholarships, fellowships, and grants to subsidize the expense of law school. The typical law school tuition for two semesters is anywhere from $15,000 to $45,000 a year. The average law student graduates with over $200,000 in student loans to pay for this tuition, so it is essential for women in law to leverage the cost as much as possible.