About the Scholarship

The Lubbock Area Foundation, Inc., now known as the Community Foundation of West Texas offers scholarship programs to students pursuing a baccalaureate or associates degree program with nursing as major.

The Advantage Medical Staffing Scholarship program is available to students based on the financial need demonstrated by the applicant and the enrolment status in an accredited university or college for an eligible graduate degree program.

The scholarship program is offered to students in order to encourage and support students who are determined to pursue a career in the nursing field.

Advantage Medical Staffing Scholarship Awards

  • The organization provides scholarships worth $1500 to eligible recipients based on the eligibility criteria and other factors.

  • The scholarship is renewable for students by maintaining good academic standing.

  • The scholarship amount can be used to fund the tuition and fees, and books and supplies, only.

  • The amount will be directly sent to the educational institution the recipient is enrolled in.

Advantage Medical Staffing Scholarship Application

The applicants must submit the following documents to complete the application for the scholarship:

  • The completed application form.

  • Two letters of recommendation from individuals who are not family members of the applicant.

  • A copy of the letter of acceptance or verification of enrollment from the institution the applicant is enrolled in.

  • An essay of one page based on the topic given.

The previous year recipients of the scholarship must reapply for renewal of the scholarship.

For further details related to the application, the applicant may refer to the official website of the organization.

Advantage Medical Staffing Scholarship Application Deadline

The application process must be completed and submitted to the scholarship committee by April 15th without fail.

Any applications received past the deadline or incomplete will be disqualified.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The applicant should be of age 25 or older.

  • The student should pursue a degree as a Registered Nurse or Licensed Vocational Nurse.

  • The applicant should produce a financial need. 

  • The student should be enrolled in the nursing program at an institution in the Lubbock area.

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