About the Scholarship

The students who wish to pursue higher education or research in lighting in undergraduate, graduate or doctoral level of studies are awarded the Alan Lucas Educational Scholarships.

The scholarship program, funded by the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America, San Francisco Section, is available to students who are junior, senior or a graduate student enrolled in an accredited four-year university or college in Northern California.

Alan Lucas Educational Scholarships Awards

  • The eligible recipients of the scholarship receive an amount of $1500 or more.

  • The scholarship award can be renewed by maintaining the eligibility and the students must reapply to retain the awards.

  • The students may use the scholarship amount to pay the tuition and fees, and other educational expenses associated with pursuing the lighting course of study.

  • The students must be enrolled for a study program in the areas of lighting, lighting design, lighting application, interior design, architecture, theatre, and electrical engineering.

  • The eligible recipients of the scholarship are selected by the scholarship committee of the organization based on certain eligibility criteria and the application documents submitted.

Alan Lucas Educational Scholarships Applications

The applicant must be eligible according to the criteria given to be eligible to apply for the scholarship program.

The following are the important documents that must be submitted to complete the application:

  • A statement of purpose describing the academic work.

  • A descriptive of work in progress.

  • Required school transcripts.

  • Three letters of recommendation, one of which must be from an individual involved in lighting, academically or professionally.

  • A scholar agreement.

The students are advised to go through the instructions and guidelines given on the official website of the organization.

Alan Lucas Educational Scholarships Application Deadline

The application inclusive of all the important documents must be submitted to the scholarship committee of the organization prior to April 1st without fail.

Any incomplete applications or submissions of applications past the deadline will not be considered.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The applicant must be a full-time student planning to pursue lighting education or research as a part of undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral studies.

  • The applicant must be in an accredited four-year institution in Northern California as a junior, senior, or graduate student.

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