About the Scholarship

What is the Alaska Performance Scholarship (APS)?

Alaska Performance Scholarship is aimed towards high school students in the Alaska region of the United States. This caters to help students to bear with the cost of their postsecondary education.

Usually, the high school students who had good grades, and had undergone through a very rigorous curriculum and have been successful in securing a good placement through the college, do have a high chance of securing this scholarship which enables them to take admission to colleges or universities in Alaska.

Who can avail the facility of Alaska Performance Scholarship (APS)?

The students have to be necessarily residents of Alaska and have to graduate from an Alaska High School in 2011 or later.

Where can APS be applied?

  • Students who are offered the Alaska Performance Scholarships are eligible to participate for admission to any college or university provided it is situated in the region of Alaska and also for specialized technical education.

  • You can visit the official scholarship portal to obtain more information related to the colleges and universities which are enlisted in the Alaska state for providing postsecondary education.

How to apply for the Alaska Performance Scholarship (APS)?

  • Step 1 - Students need to mandatorily complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as early as possible so that they can plan to use the APS award after the 1st of October each year.

  • Step 2 - Students can access the FAFSA through the Alaska Student Aid Portal (ASAP). Besides, another alternative for students attending participating in Alaska schools which have not been enlisted on the FAFSA is APS Alternative Application.

  • Step 3 - Students who have not attended the regular schools or the ones graduating from the private schools need to mandatorily submit the APS Private/Homeschool Eligibility Determination Application to EED which is in addition to applying via the FAFSA or the one mentioned above in Step 2.

How much APS amounts to?

  • Up to eight semesters, within six years of graduating from high school, the students can avail this award.

  • In total, there are three award levels: 

    • Alaska Performance Scholarship Level 1

    • Alaska Performance Scholarship Level 2

    • Alaska Performance Scholarship Level 3

Alaska Performance Scholarship APS deadlines

  • The organization follows a systematic two-way payment method wherein half of the award amount is given when the student begins the class and the other half at the beginning of the next term.

  • The school wherein the student is pursuing applies for the APS funds to the remaining school debt for that academic year if any and the remaining fund is given to the student.

  • The notification for the final award after the postsecondary education will be commenced after confirming qualification.

  • The recipients can also supervise their status in the portal provided Alaska Student Aid account.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The student should have a minimum GPA of 3.5.

  • The scores of the ACT, old SAT or new SAT should be 25-, 1680 or 1210, respectively.

  • The scholarship is for specified high school curriculum.

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