About the Scholarship

The Albright College Alumni Scholarship is awarded to the students of Albright College who are interested to pursue higher education. The Albright College encourages learning, leadership quality to promote that the fund is organized. A student must demonstrate leadership and commitment to community service of Albright College. An applicant who performs well in academics, for them the fund is renewable throughout their academic study. In order to receive this opportunity, the student must generally rank in the top forty percent of their class.

How to Apply for Scholarship?

  • In order to apply for this scholarship, an applicant must take admission at Albright College.

  • A student must be best performer in academics. In order to illustrate that he/she must provide an official ACT/SAT scorecards.

  • In addition to that, an applicant must also give the documents of leadership ability and involvement in community services.

Award Amount and Deadline:

Applicants will get $8000 annually to any number of applicants. Award amount is renewable up to student's academic study.

The scholarship deadline is 1st March 2020. All recipients must apply to this scholarship before the mentioned deadline.

Eligibility Criteria

  • A student must enroll in a four-year degree.

  • A student should be good in good academics and in compliance with Albright’s Student Code of Conduct.

  • Recipients should generally rank in the top 25 percent of their class, and the scholarship is renewable as long as the student maintains a 2.67-grade point average.

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