About the Scholarship

The organization offering this scholarship is Pepperdine University Libraries. The employees at Pepperdine University Libraries strongly believe in American exceptionalism and are strongly committed in encouraging young Americans two develop various key American experiences. It's all about making the youth aware of the legacy of America in the world and making them learn how to protect the values and integrity of the United States of America.

What is the process of applying?

  • Candidates can find the application information on the Pepperdine University Libraries website.

  • All the applicants are instructed to type a 1500-2000 word essay on the topic  "Describe your understanding of American exceptionalism, and, drawing an example from current events, discuss how that example demonstrates American exceptionalism in global relations, freedom, and/or democracy."

  • All the essays must be duly emailed along with the detailed biography, to the email address provided by midnight PST on the date of the deadline. 

  • The emailing address is AEL@pepperdine.edu.

Worth of Reward:

  • First prize - $2500
  • Second prize - $1500
  • Third prize - $1000

3 awards will be offered annually.


All the required documents must be typed and emailed by Sunday, 30th of June.


Eligibility Criteria

  • Candidate must be a current undergraduate student from an esteemed university or college.

  • US Citizenship is a must.

  • The doors of this tremendous opportunity are only open for US students.

  • Applicants must comply with all the formalities of FAFSA.

  • Candidates must be able to prove sheer involvement and descent performance in academics.

  • Applicants must have dedication, determination, perseverance in learning American values and they are mainly supposed to exhibit respect and loyalty towards America.

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