About the Scholarship

The students enrolled in the Bemidji State University with extraordinary music talents are provided with scholarship opportunities through auditions.

The Bemidji State Music Scholarships is available to the student of the University who are not pursuing a course program with music as major as well.

The scholarship program helps the students meet the educational expenses involved in getting postsecondary or higher education.

Bemidji State Music Scholarships Awards

  • The recipients of the scholarship are given an amount varying from a range of $500 up to the full tuition amount of the students.

  • The number of awards available depend on the funding received and the number of applicants.

  • The students must apply for admission and the scholarship program as early as possible to make sure they are selected.

Bemidji State Music Scholarships Application

  • The recipients of the scholarship are selected based on the eligibility criteria set by the university.

  • The applicants must complete and submit a music scholarship application form, available on the official website of the university.

  • The students must submit one letter of recommendation, separately.

  • The applicants must complete the audition in order to complete the application.

Bemidji State Music Scholarships Application Deadline

The applications must be postmarked and sent via mail by January 25th to the scholarship committee of the university. The last date to submit the applications via online is January 27th.

Any incomplete applications or late submissions will be considered invalid.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The student must apply for admission to the University.

  • The applicant must complete a music scholarship application.

  • The applicant must submit a letter of recommendation.

  • The applicant must complete an audition.

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