About the Scholarship

The Bucknell University Athletic Scholarship is a Bucknell University's merit award scholarship that is available to the students who are in great need of finance to pay for their education.

The University is looking for students who have extraordinary previous academic records and show promise that their talents to enrich our highly personal, transformative learning environment. 

The scholarship is available to the students involved in athletics and have good academic performance. additionally, he/she must determine the financial status of their family.

How to apply for this scholarship?

  • In order to apply for this scholarship award, one must first complete the scholarship application form that can be found online with all the necessary details.

  • Since this scholarship program is need-based, You'll have to fill and submit the FAFSA application form to determine your family's financial position to pay for their education.

  • You must provide an official transcript such that it demonstrates your athletic ability and exceptional academics.

  • In addition to that, you are also required to demonstrate academic excellence by submitting the GPA and ACT/SAT scorecards before the deadline.

Award Amount and Deadline

The scholarship award amounts to $1000, awarded to all eligible applicants per academic year. The number of awards offered varies annually and depends on the funds available.

All the above-mentioned documents must be sent to the financial aid department of the institution no later than January 15, 2020, to make sure your application is not disqualified for submitting it late. 

Eligibility Criteria

  • Students applying to this scholarship must complete college scholarship service(CSS) and involve in many community services.

  • Recipients are selected by the department of athletics based on their previous academic records and performances.

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