About the Scholarship

The CANFIT Nutrition, Physical Education and Culinary Arts Scholarships are available for undergraduate and graduate applicants who expresses a financial need to study nutrition, physical education or culinary arts in the state of California. The scholarship fund amount is used for tuition and fees. 

The mission of CANFIT is to work with communities and policymakers to develop culturally resonant policies and practices that improve food and physical activity environments for adolescents in low-income communities and communities of color. The main motive of this scholarship fund is to encourage more students to consider careers in the areas of nutrition, physical education, public health and culinary arts that can help serve this mission.

Scholarship Application Procedure:

  • A completed Application Cover Sheet must be submitted.

  • A completed Statement of Financial Status must be given to the financial aid office. 

  • Recommendation letters from two individuals. (i.e., professors, employers, community leaders).

  • A letter must be submitted which describes his/her academic goals and involvement in community nutrition and/or physical education activities.

  • A 500-1,000-word essay on the following topic: Youth from low-income communities of color often do not have access to safe areas for physical activity or affordable fresh fruits and vegetables. What steps can the average adult take on a personal, community and national level to combat these conditions?

  • One copy of official transcripts of graduate course works to 12-15 units (for graduate applicants) or official transcripts of all college work to accrue 50 units (for undergraduate students).

Award Amount and Deadline:

The scholarship award amount varies based on the amount of funding available.

The Deadline date for this scholarship application is 31st March 2019. All official documents and scholarship application forms are postmarked by the given deadline.

Eligibility Criteria

  •  The applicant must be California African-American, American Indian, Alaska Native, Asian American, Pacific Islander or Latino/Hispanic student.

  • The applicant must be enrolled in the state of California for nutrition, physical education or culinary arts.

  • The applicant must display a financial need.

  • Graduate students must have completed 12-15 units of graduate course work with a 3.0 or better cumulative GPA.

  • U.G students must have completed 50-semester units with a 2.5 or better cumulative GPA

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