About the Scholarship

The Caroline Kark Award is given to candidates who are preparing for a career working with the deaf, or a deaf individual who is furthering his/her education beyond high school.

The scholarship amount is available only to New York State residents. Students must complete the form to be first eligible to apply for the scholarship. A student must be in need of financial assistance and be interested in pursuing higher academic education.

How to apply for this scholarship?

  • A student should complete a scholarship application form and fill in FAFSA to determine their economic position to pay for the education.

  • In addition to that, an applicant should give their official documents and transcripts of school/college where he/she is currently enrolled to prove their academic excellence.

  • A student should submit a recommendation letter from his/her faculty to determine eligibility.

Award Amount and Deadline

The Organization scholarship amount varies as per the funding available and the total number of applications received for the current academic year.

All candidates are requested to submit their official documents and application forms to the institution on or before 15th April 2020.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The applicant must be a Grange individual and be a US citizen.

  • The applicant must be preparing for a career working with the deaf.

  • The applicant must be a deaf individual pursuing a postsecondary education.

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