About the Scholarship

The scholarship is awarded by the Driven Coffee, a team of artisans from across the Midwest that came together in Minnesota to share a common passion for specialty coffee. They're a small craft roaster focused on craft roasting and brewing the best coffees for their customers. They also maintain strict quality control and consistency in the coffee they serve. This grant is awarded yearly to one winner based on the content of the essay submissions.


How to apply for the scholarship?

  • Interested applicants should complete the three-part essay on the topics listed on the scholarship online page.

  • Along with the essay, the applicant should also submit academic transcripts and proof of enrollment.

How much the scholarship award amounts to?

  • The award amounts to $500 yearly and is non-renewable.

  • One scholarship will be provided per year.

Deadline Information

The deadline date is set for September 1

Eligibility Criteria

  • The applicant’s school/college must be located in the USA or Canada.

  • Must be an undergraduate student at the time of application.

  • Applicants must provide proof of enrollment along with a 3-part essay.

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