About the Scholarship

The child, stepchild, grandchild, spouse or any other dependent of a NAVSCOLEOD graduate who is DoD recognized are offered financial assistance through scholarship programs by the EOD Warrior Foundation.

The EOD Memorial Scholarship programs are awarded to students who are selected by the Scholarship Committee of the Foundation based on certain eligibility criteria.

However, the NAVSCOLEOD graduates and active duty service members are not eligible for the scholarship programs.

EOD Memorial Scholarship Awards

  • The scholarship program is funded by the Board of Directors of the Foundation.

  • The scholarship amount and the number of awards available vary every year depending on the annual EODWF budget and the number of qualified applicants.

  • The eligible recipients can receive up to 4 scholarship awards and not more.

  • The scholarship awards will be issued only after submitting the proof of enrolment receipt from the educational institution the applicant is enrolled in.

  • The amount will be directly sent to the university or college of the recipient.

  • The scholarship program is for one year and can be renewed on maintaining the eligibility and good academic standing.

EOD Memorial Scholarship Application

The applicants must go through instructions and guidelines, and the required documents to be submitted, given by the Foundation before starting the application process.

The following are the important documents that must be included in the application:

  • The application form must be completed with all the mandatory information required.

  • The sponsor signature page duly signed by the applicant and the sponsor or a death certificate.

  • The official transcripts of grades 9 to 12.

  • The students attending 2 year or 4-year universities or colleges must submit an official transcript.

  • Two letters of recommendation from an individual who is not a family member.

  • A personal statement of the applicant.

For more information based on the application requirements, refer to the official website of the Foundation.

EOD Memorial Scholarship Application Deadline

The application process commences on November 18th. The completed applications must be submitted to the Scholarship Committee by February 22nd without fail.

Any incomplete applications or submissions past the deadline will be considered invalid.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The applicant must be a NAVSCOLEOD graduate's child, stepchild, spouse, or grandchild, or other DoD recognized dependent.

  • The applicant must be 23 years or younger if child or DOD recognized dependent.

  • The applicant must be a U.S. Armed Forces member's child or spouse who completed the Naval School Explosive Ordnance Disposal course.

  • The applicant must have an eligible GPA.

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