About the Scholarship

Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Program

Florida Bright Futures Scholarship is a scholarship program established in 1997 in the state of Florida. It is one of the best education funding options that the students can avail. 

It is a merit-based and the applicants need to meet certain eligibility requirements. This lottery-funded scholarship is awarded only to the residents of Florida and provides financial assistance to academically brilliant students. 

The advantage of this scholarship is that one can receive money and funds for the entire duration of their education course. The mission of the Florida Bright Future scholarship program is to assist meritorious students to overcome all financial hurdles to secure a bright future ahead.

Bright Futures Scholarships in Florida

  • Florida Academic Scholars (FAS) - This scholarship is awarded to highly meritorious students with exemplary academic records that is, only 'A' grade students. These scholars receive a 100% tuition fee and applicable fees with an additional amount of $300 per semester (fall and spring only) for college-related expenses. 

  • Bright Futures Florida Medallion Scholarship (FMS) - Less competitive as compared to the Florida Academic Scholars, this scholarship provides funding of 75% tuition fees and other applicable fees. Applicable fees include expenses related to transportation, health, and more. 

  • Florida Gold Seal Vocational Scholarship (GSV) – Students pursuing post-high school vocational or a certificate degree are entitled to receive this scholarship. They can receive funds for credits up to 72 hours of a technical degree/certificate degree and up to 60 credits of Applied Technology degree. 

Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Amount

  • The Florida Academic Scholars Award provides funding up to $212.71 per credit hour.

  • The Florida Medallion Scholars Award grants $159.53 per credit hour.

How to apply for Florida Bright Future Scholarship?

Getting a scholarship has never been easy. The validation process for checking the eligibility and the follow-up procedure is quite rigorous. 

Here are a few steps in order to apply for the Florida bright futures scholarship. 

  • Step 1: Submit the Florida Financial Aid Application (FFAA) form by the end of August, while you are in the final year of high school. 

  • Step 2: Submit the ACT or SAT score. 

  • Step 3: Submit your official high school transcripts.

  • Step 4: Update your information in your account.

  • Step 5: Check if everything you submitted is correct and get in touch with the officials so that you know if you are eligible for the scholarship or not.

Eligibility Criteria

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