About the Scholarship

The FSAG Program is a need-based grant program available to the state of Florida who is degree-seeking or undergraduate students and demonstrates substantial financial need as well as enrolled in postsecondary institutions. In addition to that, applicants must maintain the academic GPA as mentioned by the financial aid to receive this fund.

How to Apply?

  • In order to apply for this award, an applicant must create a Student Account to receive the scholarship application.

  • A student must demonstrate financial need by completing the FAFSA application form.

  • A student must provide the official transcripts of the ACT/SAT to demonstrate the academic performance as well as official documents of college/institution that they are enrolled in.

  • In addition to that he/she must provide a letter of reference from the college professor to demonstrate eligibility to receive the fund.

Award Amount and Deadline:

The award amount ranges from $200 to $2610 to any number of applicants.

The scholarship deadline is fixed on 15th May 2020. For additional information, students can contact their college or institution's financial aid department.

Eligibility Criteria

  • A student must be the residents of Florida.

  • Students who attend eligible private, non-profit, four-year colleges and universities in Florida.

  • An applicant must enroll for a minimum of 12 credit hours per term, or the equivalent, in an associate or baccalaureate degree program at an eligible institution to participate in the FSAG Private or FSAG Postsecondary programs.

  • A student must have a minimum of an institutional cumulative GPA of 2.0 on a 4.0 scale.

  • Must enroll for a minimum of 6 credit hours per term, certificate, associate's degree, or baccalaureate degree program. The student cannot have previously received a baccalaureate degree.

  • Must enroll in six or more credit hours per term.

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