About the Scholarship

The James H. Davis Memorial Scholarship fund was started to help and encourage the students to pursue careers in Florida’s horticulture industry and related fields by assisting economically for U.G or other advanced education programs in Florida. The Organization's goal is to provide guidance for qualified students in need of financial support to gain experience and earn post-high school degrees and become active members or leaders in the horticulture industry. To receive this opportunity, applicants must satisfy all the rules set by financial aid.

How to Apply for this Award?

  • An applicant must submit a completed scholarship application in order to receive this award.

  • A student must also give an official High school or college transcripts.

  • In addition to that, an applicant must describe his/her plans for part-time employment and/or willingness to help provide supplemental financial assistance to support their education until graduation.

  • Also, a student is required to give two letters of reference from the faculty member, another from a professional member of the horticulture industry or a related field.

  • Write a short essay about yourself that includes the information about work and classroom experience with horticulture or related field, what area of horticulture or related field that you are interested in pursuing, and what you plan to do after graduation. Also, include why you are qualified to receive the James H. Davis Memorial Scholarship.

Award Amount and Deadline:

The Organization is funding $3500 to ten eligible applicants per academic year.

All applicants must submit all the necessary documents and online application no later than 15th January 2019.



Eligibility Criteria

  • The applicant must be an incoming freshman, sophomore, junior, senior student.

  • The applicant must be planning to attend a college, university or any other program in Florida.

  • The student must be enrolled in a horticulture program or related field with the intent to graduate in that field as a full-time student.

  • The applicant must have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or better.

  • The applicant must demonstrate financial need.

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