About the Scholarship

Freehold Soil Conservation Scholarship

The Freehold Soil Conservation District is a piece of the New Jersey Natural Resources Program. they will probably give specialist and to administrate program to enable people to help and improved. they offer a different type of services to the resident of Middlesex and Monmouth Counties.

This year marks the 40th consecutive year that the Freehold Soil Conservation District will award college scholarships.  The District will award three $2,000 grants to students studying a conservation-related field in the mid-year of 2019.

About the forms -

  • Signature should be original and it required for SESC application.

  • Facsimiles will not be accepted for these forms



Eligibility Criteria

  • Candidate should be entering a senior year of the college during fall.

  • Candidate should be majoring in a related field of conserving natural resources including agriculture, environmental science, geology, forestry, environmental studies, soil science and etc.

  • Candidate should be from New Jersey resident of Middlesex or Monmouth County.

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