About the Scholarship

Georgia Mining Foundation was found in order to make it easier for students to pay their college tuition. Georgia Mining Foundation Scholarship Program provides financial assistance to students who have good academic standing but are in need.

Georgia Mining Association is a vast organization with over 7000 employees in the field of mining and mineral producing. The scholarship is offered to the students who are residing in the state of Georgia.

Georgia Mining Foundation Scholarship Program Award

  • Scholarships worth $40000 are available to students, with $500 per award.

  • A scholarship worth $1000 is provided to three eligible students which should be paid back by two years, $500 per year.

Georgia Mining Foundation Scholarship Program Application

  • The applicant must be planning to enroll in an accredited university or college in the state of Georgia.

  • The student must have impressive scores for the SAT and ACT and maintain good academic standing.

The application must include the following documents as well. 

  • A recommendation letter and a signature on the application form from a teacher or a counselor.

  • An essay of fewer than 200 words based on the topic prompted.

  • Financial need proof.

  • High school transcript copy.

The applicant will be considered only if all the required documents are submitted.

Georgia Mining Foundation Scholarship Program Deadline

The applicant must submit the application and the letter of recommendation by 22nd February. Any submission of application past the deadline remains invalid.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The students who attended schools in counties where the companies maintain operations can apply for the scholarship.

  • The student must have got admission in an accredited institution in the state of Georgia.

  • The student should provide evidence of financial need.

  • The student should provide a copy of high school transcript.

  • Minimum SAT score of 960 or ACT score of 18.

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