Eligibility Criteria

  • The applicant must be a U.S. Citizen or eligible non-citizen.

  • The applicant must be admitted to or enrolled in a degree program or must be admitted to or enrolled in an approved certificate program.

  • The student should have a high school diploma or GED.

  • The applicant must be a half-time or full-time student.

  • The student must be making Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) toward a degree.  

  • If the student is male, ages 18-26, he must be registered with Selective Service.

  • The student must not be in default on a federal student loan such as a Federal Stafford Loan, Federal Direct Loan, Federal PLUS Loan, Federal GRAD PLUS Loan or a Federal Perkins Loan.

  • The applicant must not owe an overpayment for a federal grant such as a Federal Pell Grant or Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant.

  • The applicant must not have reached or exceeded the annual/aggregate loan limits for the Federal Direct Loan program.

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