About the Scholarship

The Ashtabula County Agricultural Scholarship Fund was founded on 29 April 1952 by a group of prominent Countians to promote interest in the study of agriculture, family and consumer science, environmental sciences or natural resources in an accredited full four-year college or an accredited two-year technical institute. Lester C. Marrison Memorial Scholarship shall be awarded to a deserving Ashtabula County student who is enrolled in agriculture, natural resources, or family & consumer sciences. A student who is pursuing a degree in education is able to get this scholarship award opportunity.

How to Apply?

  • In order to apply for this scholarship award, an applicant must complete the online application and submit it to the financial aid before the deadline date.
  • In addition to that, he/she must provide a signed letter of recommendation from a faculty member.

  • Additionally, he/she must give an official transcript of a school where an applicant has studied.

  • Also, a recipient must determine that he/she is involved in community services.

  • An applicant is also required to demonstrate academic performance that he/she has secured.

Award Amount and Deadline:

The Scholarship award is $1000 available to all eligible applicants annually.

The deadline date for this scholarship is 1st May 2019. All the scholarship applications and official transcripts must be postmarked no late than the last date.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The applicant must be a deserving Ashtabula County student.

  • Must be enrolled in agriculture, natural resources or family & consumer sciences.

  • Second preference is given will be given to a student pursuing a degree in education.

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