About the Scholarship

The scholarship is awarded by The Law Offices of Mark Sherman, LLC. They're a leading Connecticut law firm providing criminal defense, employment discrimination, and whistle-blowing retaliation services, as well as a full array of civil and business litigation services. The firm's lawyers are committed to providing high standards of service and achieving the best results for our clients. Their scholarship was established to support up and coming lawyers and help them in seizing new opportunities and giving them the means to be a success in their community.



How to apply for the scholarship?

  • Interested applicants should submit an essay of 500-1000 words that describe the applicant's plan or ideas for a rehabilitative justice program that would reduce youth recidivism.

  • Academic transcripts and a resume should also be submitted.

How much the scholarship award amounts to?

  • The award amounts to $1,000 yearly and is non-renewable.

  • One scholarship will be awarded each year.

Deadline Information

The deadline date is set for September 30

Eligibility Criteria

  • The applicant must be enrolled in college, graduate school, or be a GED holder who are about to attend college;

  • The recipient of this scholarship will have demonstrated their interest in serving the less privileged in our community.

  • Must have a grade point average of 3.0 or higher

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