About the Scholarship

Marsden Scholarship

This scholarship established by the Mrs.Marsden to help that candidate who is from island Northwest. The main aim of this scholarship to help those students who can not pursue higher education.

The number of scholarships is keeping on vary based on the different aspects.


The application form will be available from February 1st to 31st March. Candidate must submit the application form before the deadline or they will be disqualified from the scholarship.


How can students avail the application process -

  • Candidate needs to download Application checklist.
  • After preparing everything in the checklist students can apply for application, it must be completed.
  • Next step is students have to click on 2019 Application
  • All the application forms must be completed online.
  • Details cannot be saved so students have to submit in om=ne session.


Application form should be submitted by March 1st or before that. All candidate who selected for this scholarship will be notified by mail, students have to save that mail as confirmation purpose. Award will be provided in mid-April to early May.


Those are not eligible for this program who is a member of a church or any faith community.

The evaluation will be done based on the different aspects -

  • Students academic score should be excellent.
  • The student has to show leadership ability and potential for success.
  • Extracurricular and contribution in any community


How to apply for this scholarship -

Students need to complete a Renewal form and submit all required documents.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The applicant should be a permanent legal resident of the Episcopal Diocese of Spokane.

  • The applicant should have submitted a completed application before the deadline.

  • The applicant should have arranged for any supplementary online forms on time.

  • The applicant should be a high school senior.