About the Scholarship

To support the employees and families of retailers, the educational organization Michigan Retailers Foundation award scholarships to those associated with businesses that are members of the organization.

The Michigan Retailers Association Scholarships are merit-based and are available to students irrespective to their financial backgrounds. The applicants are expected to have good academic standing in order to be recipients of the scholarships.

Michigan Retailers Association Scholarships Awards

  • The organization provides 21 scholarship awards of amounts ranging from $1000 to $1500.

  • The students can re-apply for the scholarships after one year.

  • Students transferring colleges may retain the scholarship awards.

  • The scholarship amount is used to fund the educational expenses the students have to meet in accredited non-profit educational institutions.

Michigan Retailers Association Scholarships Application

  • The applicants must be dependent children of full-time employees or owners of retail businesses that are members of the organization.

  • The applicant must be a part-time employee of a member firm of the organization who is also a full-time student.

  • The scholarship awarding committee selects the winners of the awards on the basis of the academic and extracurricular activity records, competitive test score, and employment status in some cases.

Michigan Retailers Association Scholarships Application Deadline

The application process commences on January 1st and is available through April 1st of every year. The students who are eligible recipients will be notified in the month of June. Any application received past the deadline is considered invalid.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The applicant must be children of MRA member business owners or employees of Michigan Retailers Association member firms.

  • The applicant should be full-time students who are part-time employees of MRA member businesses.

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