About the Scholarship

Students who are permanent residents of the state of Montana are awarded financial assistance in the form of Montana Life Members Scholarship program.

The Montana Federation of Garden Clubs, Inc. provides the scholarship program to those who are planning to pursue a career in the fields related to Horticulture.

The scholarship is available to students who are enrolled in eligible schools under the system of Montana University.

Montana Life Members Scholarship Awards

  • Eligible recipients are awarded an amount of $1000 per annum to meet the educational expenses while getting higher education in the eligible majors.

  • The eligible majors include Land Management, Greenhouse Management, Conservation, Parks or Forestry, Horticulture, Floriculture and so on.

Montana Life Members Scholarship Application

  • The applicant must be a resident of the state of Montana and must be enrolled in a school in the state.

  • The applicant must be enrolled for a program in an eligible major in the field related to Horticulture.

  • The applicant must have good academic standing with a GPA of 2.7 or better.

The application must consist of the following documents to be considered:

  • Personal information about the applicant.

  • Previous college or current college transcript.

  • Two letters of reference from the instructors of the student.

  • An application letter inclusive of a brief autobiography, and career goals.

Montana Life Members Scholarship Application Deadline

The application and the required attachments must be submitted to the scholarship committee by 1st May without fail. No application will be considered past the deadline.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Applicant should be a Montana Resident

  • Applicant should be attending school in Montana

  • Applicant must have at least a GPA of 2.7

  • Applicant must be doing a major in a horticulture-related field.

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