About the Scholarship

North Texas Students of the Year

North Texas Students of the Year camping is a seven-week National Initiative, students can participate in a fundraising competition and get the benefit of LLS to win this scholarship.

The main purpose of this scholarship to support all those people who are not financially strong and very good at academic. This scholarship gives the opportunity to all those students who have good marks in academic and leadership ability.

The scholarship allows all students to earn community service, and help those students who are suffering from blood cancer.

Selection process -

  • All the candidates who want to apply for this scholarship must have to complete an application form.
  • The second step for the selection process is an interview.


All the students and community members collect the funds in those seven weeks, there are many teams participated in this program at the end of seven weeks which team collect most money they will be named the North Texas Students.

North Texas Students of the Year provide minimum of $5,000 to those candidates who can avail the requirement of this program. This scholarship also provides additional awards to those candidates who excel throughout the campaign.

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