About the Scholarship

Princeton Prize in Race Relations

This program is applicable for high school students who are from United state, this program does not accept group application.


There are two part for this scholarship

  1. The first scholarship for the candidates
  2. The second for the sponsors, it can be your teacher, advisor or anyone.

How to avail the facility of this scholarship -

Students or applicant must complete the application form, they need to fill form separately online.

The deadline for this program is January 31st. The applicant has the option to mail their form to the Institute. students need to download the application form after that print and then they have to mail.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The first is the significance of the student's activity and how it promotes racial harmony, understanding, and mutual respect among community members.

  • Importance of the student's role in the activity is also considered. 

  • The scope and impact of the student's activity on the community is also considered. 

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