About the Scholarship

Selby Scholarship

This scholarship provides the honor of Mr. and Mrs. Selby, to help those people who can not afford higher education, The purpose of this scholarship is providing financial help to those people who are talented and very good in academic. Undergraduate students are eligible for this scholarship.

How much Selby scholarship amount to - this scholarship provides $7,000 to all students who are eligible for this program per year.  This will not exceed one-third of the candidate’s financial need. This scholarship provided to those candidates who enrolled for four-year full-time students.

Benefits of this scholarship -  This scholarship provide two benefits, first one is Selby scholars symposium where all candidate can attend. This is a big opportunity for this scholarship they can communicate with many committees and create a good network and learn more about future goals. and the second benefit is the amount provided to eligible students in each year that is varies based on the student’s financial need.


Eligibility Criteria

  • The applicant must be a permanent resident of DeSoto, Manatee, Sarasota or Charlotte counties.

  • The applicant must be a high school senior graduate from any of the counties.

  • The applicant must be graduating from any of the state colleges in the four counties as an associate degree student.

  • The applicant must be enrolled in an accredited university or college for pursuing a bachelor's degree as a full-time student.

  • The applicant must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or more.

  • The applicant must have eligible scores in competitive tests like ACT and SAT.

  • The applicant must demonstrate financial need.

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