About the Scholarship

The Suncoast Credit Union is helping public education by their financial means which encourages higher education. From the year 1990, the Suncoast is providing more than $1.4 million scholarship to the students who want to pursue their higher education. The scholarships are awarded to the students who live in the country served by Suncoast Union Credit. The students who demonstrate their financial need, good academic performance, and leadership skills will get this scholarship award. Additionally, the scholarship is also available for the students of Hillsborough Community College, State College of Florida, Florida Gulf Coast University and Florida SouthWestern. The SCU foundation has a partnership with the Consortium of Florida Education Foundation, which provides $116000 in student scholarships for graduates in 2019.

How to Apply for Scholarship?

  • All scholarship applications are received online.

  • In order to apply for the scholarship, an applicant needs to fill the FAFSA application form to demonstrate their greater financial need.

  • In addition to FAFSA form, An applicant also needs to show their high academic performance by submitting their official transcripts of ACT/SAT scorecards.

  • A student with leadership ability is an added advantage for students to receive a scholarship award.

 What is the Total Amount Awarded?

The Suncoast Credit Union is awarding $2500 to 58 high school seniors or graduating seniors across 21 Florida countries. The award amount is renewable throughout a student's academic study.

All the required documents for the scholarship are submitted before March 31st.



Eligibility Criteria

  • Applicants must attend a public or private institution and should be a high school senior student.

  • A student who has family members associated with the foundation and Suncoast cannot apply.

  • Scholarship recipients must enroll in an accredited 4-year college/ university, 2-year college or technical school in Florida and begin classes in the 2018 or 19 years.

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