About the Scholarship

Swan Valley High School Foundation Scholarship

Swan Valley High School Foundation Scholarship was started in 1988, the scholarship provided by the Douglas Bird and the senior member of the institute. This scholarship is applicable to those Students who enrolled for full-time.

This main purpose of this scholarship to help those people who are very good at academic and want to achieve their future goals. students must attend Swan Valley in the last two year.

Students must show interest in different sectors also, students must have leadership ability, contribution in the community, Participation certificate in any activity, extracellular.

The evaluation will be done on different criteria -

  • The institute evaluates based on the student's academic records.

  • Student’s contribution to school how they involved in every event, what they contribute, how it helps to that event.

  • The institute also decides the eligible students based on the recommendation.

The deadline for this program is September 18th, students must apply before 18th September.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Candidate should have a minimum of 3.0 in GPA.

  • Candidate should be a graduating senior from Swan Valley high school.

  • Candidate should have attended a minimum of 2-years in Swan Valley high school.

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