About the Scholarship

The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board accredits Texas Public Educational Grant (TPEG). The foundation was started to provide leadership and coordination for Texas higher education and to promote access, affordability, quality, success, and cost efficiency through 60x30TX, resulting in a globally competitive workforce that positions Texas as an international leader.

The applicant and their family can choose from many different types of financial aid. Some are based on financial need, and some on academic performance. Others are tied to a student's or family's ability to borrow.

How to apply for the Scholarship?

  • Students have to fill the form or apply for this scholarship online by filling the form on the official website.

  • Applicants must submit their letters of recommendation while applying for this scholarship.

  • Applicants must provide their ACT/SAT score-cards to prove their academic excellence.

  • The candidates are instructed to exhibit their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and TAFSA application to determine for what opportunities they are eligible for and to determine his/her family's financial position.

Award amount for the scholarship

  • This scholarship provides $1200 and it varies from an institution to institution, as they set their own maximum award amount.

  • The awards are non-renewable and the total number of awards offered through this scholarship varies each year based on the availability of funds and total applications received.

Deadline for the scholarship

The application deadline has not yet been announced. Candidates are advised to keep track of the and different necessities are to be submitted in prior. Applications and other data are open online on The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board.

Eligibility Criteria

  • An applicant must be an eligible Texas resident, non-residents, or foreign students.

  • A student must exhibit the need for financial assistance.

  • The student must be a high school senior to be eligible for the scholarship.

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