About the Scholarship

Texas State AFL-CIO Scholarships

These scholarships are applicable for those people who are from 28 Union familyTexas. This scholarship provides $1,000 to all eligible students.

This scholarship provided by the Texas AFL-CIO committee. They provide the fund to the Local Labour in the state who help run the program.

Application process -

Candidates need to discuss the movement of Labour, Texas AFL-CLO exams are also there after that students have to appear for an interview.

Students can get the opportunity from the exams and there are one more criteria, where students will get a chance to get this scholarship, students must have a good score in academic, extracurricular, and also based on the financial need institute will decide the students.

This scholarship is a one-time program and award provided directly to the Institute.

501(c)(3) Organization allow deducting amount from Federal income tax.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The applicant should be a member or have a parent who is a member of local unions that are affiliated with Texas AFL-CIO or the local Central Labor Council.
  • Candidate must be a high school senior who has plans to attend university, college or technical institute in the fall or summer term.

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