About the Scholarship

The American Indian, Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian students are awarded financial assistance by the American Indian Education Fund organization in order to improve the educational conditions of the students belonging to underrepresented communities.

The AIEF Undergraduate Scholarship Program is awarded to undergraduate students enrolled in a 2 or 4-year university or college as full-time.

AIEF Undergraduate Scholarship Program Awards

  • The eligible recipients of the undergraduate scholarship programs are awarded an amount of $2000 per year.

  • Around 200 applicants receive the scholarship awards every year.

  • The student must be eligible based on the selection criteria set by the scholarship committee.

  • The scholarship amount will be directly sent to the college or university the student is enrolled in.

  • The amount can be used to fund the tuition and fees and books.

AIEF Undergraduate Scholarship Program Application

The applicants must be eligible undergraduate students enrolled in an accredited university, college or vocational or trade school for a full-time course of study.

The students must submit the following documents at the time of application to be considered:

  • The completed AIEF application form.

  • A form of involvement in the community.

  • An essay based on the instructions given by the organization.

  • A photograph of the applicant.

  • A copy of the Tribal Enrollment Document or card.

  • An unofficial or official transcript.

  • Test score records.

AIEF Undergraduate Scholarship Program Application Deadline

The application must be completed and the important documents must be postmarked and sent by April 4th. Any submission of application past the deadline will be considered invalid.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Applicant must be a Native American or Alaska Native Descent

  • Applicant should be enrolled in an Associate's or Bachelor's Degree Program in a college or university

  • Applicant's GPA should range between 2.0-3.5

  • Applicant should have an ACT score of 14 or above

  • The scholarship fund is exclusive for undergraduates

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