About the Scholarship

The IHS has started this scholarship funding to assist the students who are actively interested in pursuing a full-time Ph.D.program. The scholarship financial assistance helps a student to conduct high-quality research so that he/she explores the classical liberal tradition, develops the ideas of freedom, and advances your work in the academic community. By participating in IHS funding programs, you gain access to our vast network of scholars and receive opportunities for career advice and support, such as invitations to seminars, academic networking events, and more. 

How to Apply for Scholarship?

  • A student must create an account with the username and password in order to access the scholarship application form. 

  • An applicant is required to write an essay which must Explain your research agenda as if speaking to a colleague in your field and why it is important, How do you plan to use your Humane Studies Fellowship award? and Explain a current or prospective paper or research project you will complete as part of this fellowship, and how it advances an understanding of classical liberal ideas.

  • In addition to that, an applicant must provide CV and a recent writing sample of 3,000 words or fewer. 

  • Also, an applicant should provide an official or unofficial transcript from the current or most recent institution where he/she is studying in.

  • Additionally, he/she must give two letters of recommendation from a faculty member.

Award Amount and Deadline:

The Foundation is awarding $1500 to all eligible applicants for each academic year. The award is renewable.

The Scholarship deadline is on 1st December 2019, all applicants must apply for this scholarship on or before the mentioned date.


Eligibility Criteria

  • The applicant must be enrolled in a higher education program for a Ph.D.

  • The applicant must be interested in research and contributions to the liberty-advancing scholarship.

  • Preference is given to applicants who live or study in the United States, Canada, and/or the United Kingdom. 

  • Fellowship recipients are required to show proof of full-time enrollment at the beginning of the fall semester and during the academic year and must either present a paper at an academic conference or have a paper ready for submission to a peer-reviewed journal.

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