About the Scholarship

TheDream.US Scholarship Program - First-Time College Students assist the finance to the candidates who are under the shortage of economic assistance. For those people, Dream.US scholarships are highly motivated and encouraged to provide the money to gain high academic studies to achieve their career goals. The students who face paying out-of-state tuition charges can access this award to overcome the economical issues. In order to receive this award, a student must have DACA or TPS status and demonstrated significant unmet financial need and the determination to succeed in college and in life.

How to Apply for Scholarship?

  • Scholarship Applications are available online on the TheDream.US website. All applicants are required to complete the online application by reading and agreeing to a consent statement.

  • A student must write an essay about 600 words on his/her educational and career goals and challenging issues that he/she faced and how he/she overcame it.

  • In addition to that, a student must provide a letter of recommendation from a school teacher where he/she has studied.

  • A student must also upload the following supporting documents to the online application: a copy of his/her DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) or TPS (Temporary Protected Status) approval letter or the receipt for his/her submission of his/her DACA or TPS application.

  • In order to receive this award, an applicant also required to submit a copy of most recently filed IRS Form 1040 or other financial documents that must verify his/her parent's income.

  • Additionally, a  student must submit the official transcripts of the college/institution from where they have studied in.

Award Amount and Deadline:

The Organization is providing $12000 per academic year to associate's degree students and $25000 to bachelor's degree students it is renewable throughout a student's academic study.

The scholarship application opens on 1st November 2019 and closes on 27th February 2020. All applicants must submit the online application and official transcripts within the mentioned date.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Applicants should have earned a high school un-weighted GPA of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale. 

  • Applicants should be eligible for in-state tuition if seeking to attend a Partner College that is a public institution.

  • Applicants should demonstrate significant unmet financial need.

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