About the Scholarship

This Scholarship can be obtained by all the applicants who have been active in extracurricular activities. Here, the applicant with the greatest financial need will be selected among all the potential applicants.

The National Future Farmers of America (FFA) Organization has taken the responsibility to provide the Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc.scholarship.

Point to be noted - Students are eligible for only one scholarship as a high school senior and only one scholarship while enrolled in a postsecondary institution.

Student at the same grade level cannot apply twice under any circumstance. The scholarship award process is automated. Based on eligibility, sponsor criteria requirements and individual applications meeting the Scholarship recipient will be selected.

The criteria for an application to score are as follows

  • Academic achievement, 30 points maximum.

  • Community service, 10 points maximum.

  • Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE), 30 points maximum.

The panel needs to have a hawk-eye view to separate out the talented and deserving from the pool of applications that they receive each year. After the detailed scrutiny, the notifications are sent out by the end of May which usually follows the selection process. Usually, on the 7th day of May, the list is published with names of the deserving recipients of the scholarship.

How much the award amounts to?

  • The scholarship amounts to $2500 and is offered annually and it cannot be renewed.

  • However, this is subjected to the condition that the eligible candidate should allow or give consent to the Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A Inc. to advertise the candidate's name and some information about his/her family.

  • The money provided is meant to be used for paying the tuition fees, books and other miscellaneous expenses involved with the college so that the student can seamlessly attend the vocational diploma program or a college degree from the well-known postsecondary college or university.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The scholarship will be granted to a high school senior or college student pursuing a 4-year degree in agricultural engineering or agricultural science/technology.

  • The applicant must be a resident Michigan, Missouri, Texas, Mississippi, Kentucky, Indiana, West Virginia, California or Alabama.

  • The student should be active in extra-curricular activities.

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